Today I am here to talk about the Korra+Mako ship(ping). This happens to be my second shipping blog post, the first one of which was very successful (Zutara: Why It Didn't Happen). Now I am here to discuss a more peaceful (currently) topic that has not yet created another "shipping war", and we can all speak on friendly terms. If you have a different opinion, please express it nicely so we don't create a war not between two different ship ideas, but between if yes or if not.

I believe that the very open relationship between Korra and Mako was first seen in the second half of A Leaf in The Wind (the second episode of the LoK series), especially in the very end. Now to prove that I shall tell you the following:

  • We saw Korra trying to impress Mako, but not paying much attention to the very open for attention Bolin.
  • Korra was quite annoyed at the fact that Mako didn't "admire" her, because it made her chances of getting him smaller.
  • Romantic scene (they do not happen without a purpose): Mako looking at Air Temple Island and Korra looking at the Bending Arena; reworded: beautiful scene of the two main characters looking at each others' homes. Korra is especially dreamily in that scene.

Why Korra+Mako is a possible ship:

  • (mostly for Zutarians) They are both similar ages and have both seen much responsibility and expectancy of maturity.
  • Both are strong and intense benders. Common strengths are important.
  • Both love pro-bending. Common interests are very important.
  • Both have their weirdness - Korra is very open and is ready to befriend even a Polar-Bear dog, an animal firstly and only tamed by her. Mako is very closed towards the world (but it isn't as life has taught him otherwise.)

What can get in the way of Korra+Mako:

  • They have a very different personality: Korra is open to the world being locked up for so long, and she doesn't know about the worse parts of it. Mako, on the other hand, has lived on the streets since being a kid and knows the worst that the world has to offer. But they have something to teach each other!
  • Korra is quite reckless while I think Mako is more of the person who thinks twice.

And now for another very serious matter - the shipping name. I like Kako better, but I've heard Makorra too. So I am asking you that in the end of your comment that you write what you prefer. Thank you and hope you liked my short review!

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