I have never been a fired up shipper, but I have always been fired up by people's sense for illogical predictions, something that can be seen in my past two blog posts about shipping. In this one, I will be explaining the top two Avatar: The Last Airbender shippings and the top two (and probably only at this point) The Legend of Korra shippings.

Kataang: The second most popular shipping after Zutara. It is a mix of no one but the protagonist and the deuteragonist of the series - Aang and Katara. If there can be logic in love, this is the one place you will find it.

Katara was a fourteen year old and Aang was twelve (the years he spent in the iceberg were obviously ineffective towards him maturing). They knew the pain of loosing those whom they had been loved by and they had loved. Katara's mother had died when she had been eight, and her father reinforced the Earth Kingdom when she had been eleven.

Aang's entire nation had been wiped out. He had nowhere to turn, yet the world was turning at him. What was he to do?

Then they met - they helped each other along in every step of the journey. They cried on each others' shoulders; they lived and felt pain together - a very similar pain. They saved the world together.

Aang tried to tell Katara the truth - that he liked her - two times, I believe, before the kiss before the Invasion. The first time was in episode fourteen, "The Fortuneteller".

Zutara: There have been a few Zutara episodes (out of sixty one). I believe that Katara had felt grateful in those two moments - when she faced Yon Rha and when Zuko saved her life - and probably had some partial feelings towards him. But she made the expected choice. After sixty episodes with Aang (and just a few with Zuko on friendly terms), she made the expected choice - Aang.

And Mai was there for Zuko - she was the one who had known him since they were little kids. She was there for him in those hard times, although not the same way Katara was there for Aang. (That was probably because of her personality.)

Borra: The only two arguments this shipping has are: "Mako is a jerk to Korra", and "Bolin is cute". Thus, I will ignore it.

Makorra: I have heard the comment: "Korra didn't fall in love with Mako - it's not her personality". Well, I will tell you that this is the true Korra, and this is her personality. She is impulsive, bold, strong and sometimes ignorant. "Admit you like me." This is what she says! First season of the show! Aang never got to say that, in fact he only got to show it, until the tenth episode of the third season! Plus, there is a kiss that follows! Aang never kissed Katara until the second episode of season two, a not-so-relevant kiss. There is no doubt that this is the new relevant/logical ship. Let's see how it turns out.

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