Hello Everyone! I am officially challenging you to check out the Avatar Wiki: Fanon Certification Team. What is this new usergroup? Well, my dear friend, it is much like Rotten Tomatoes, only that it gives fanons ratings, not movies.

Q1: How does it work?

The group's task is very simple - review a fanon and give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. Each user will read the fanon on their own, and give it their own thumbs up/down rating. The group will then "get" together, and will average the percentage of thumbs up vs. thumbs down. The final percentage defines your final score - if you have 70% or above, you got yourself a nice thumbs up. If you have anything below 70%, you got yourself a thumbs down.

Q2: Why is this better than getting an interview or getting a detailed review?

Because this way you get to hear the opinion of many more people, and you don't have to worry that that one person doesn't like your style (or whatever it is that might trouble you), because isn't going to be just them that give you the rating!

Q3: Do I get to hear why they gave me a thumbs down/up?

Of course! When all the ratings are finished, they will be united into a blog post that will feature every one of them. This way you get to know what it is you might want to improve on, and what you did great on.

Q4: Can I nominate another user's fanon for review?

Yes! Our group allows fanon nominations, but the author of the fanon must accept the nomination. We want all of our reviews to be on fanons whose authors have agreed that they are ready for any review - possibly critical and possible praising.

Q5: How often do you review?

We write a collection of review and give out a rating every two weeks. We wish to be quick, but we also wish to give all the members a chance to read the fanon and submit their rating. This also insures you a higher chance of getting a thumbs up!

Q6: May I join the team?

Yes, you are always welcome to join the team. For the rules, please click here, and for the requests section, please click here. There are currently four open spots.

Q7: Do we publish in the Ba Sing Se Times?

We might pick our favorite review and publish it in the Ba Sing Se Times, but we are not going to submit every second review for consideration. If a person does not wish their review to be published in the Ba Sing Se Times, excluding people who got a thumbs down, for we will not publish these review, they may contact me.

Q8: What does a review look like?

Well I have made an example to show you. It is using the current templates and formats, and they are subject to change. The review is not on an actual fanon, but is just to give an idea of what it will look like.


The Fanon Certification Team is signing in to review [fanon's name]. Please do not feel offended if the review did not match your expectations.

thumbs-up: I loved your plot, and even though a little too descriptive, I found the characters very interesting. I believe the story to be able to improve on the action, but overall I loved it. [user signature without time stamp]
thumbs-up: Very interesting story, and although there was a lack of action, I find the detailed descriptions to compensate. My overall message would be a very well done job. [user signature without time stamp]
thumbs-down: I liked the story, but I wasn't sucked into it - it was far too slow for me. The characters were also quite too descriptive in their dialogue, and there wasn't nearly enough action to compensate. Overall, the story needs a lot of improvement. [user signature without time stamp]
thumbs-up: I found the plot and the descriptions of the story to add up to where it did not need as much action, thus it compensated for its lack. I believe that your story was great: many character portrayals, very interesting locations, many new hybrid animals. [user signature without time stamp]

The score is 3 thumbs up out of 4 votes, which averages to 75%. Congratulations! Your fanon has received a thumbs up!

—The Fanon Certification Team

For more information, please contact me!

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