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Host: MateyY Guest: PreservationsWings

Q1: Hello Wings! It is so great to have you today. How are you doing?

A1:I'm doing fine. :) Thanks for asking!

Q2: Let me start of by asking you what inspired you to write the upcoming fanon The Hunter’s Gem?

A2: Well, It all started when I found an amazing idea called Avatar|Future, created by my friend Taddles. That night, I got bored, and as always, my mind went into Author's Mode. I sat there, with an entire story running through my head. The next day, I made a title (The Hunter's Gem) and asked Taddles for permission to make it. :)

Q3: What do you believe is your biggest accomplishment in the plot of the story?

A3: Hmm.. well, THG (The Hunter's Gem) hasn't started yet, so I'm not gonna spoil, but I just have to say that I think my greatest accomplishment in the plot is coming up with a unique, completely new idea. Now, most authors would say this, but I don't mean a normal, unique idea. I hope that once THG kicks off, you guys will understand my response to this question.

Q4: Did you model any of the characters by real-life people or experiences? If yes, please share a little more.

A4: Well, currently, I'm designing a female character for later in the series, and I'm trying to find a good personality to base her off of. One version of her was based on my friend Taddles, while another version of her is based on my mom. It gets kinda confusing, so I'm gonna cut it there. Also, Kallik's little sister is based on Ty Lee and Elicia Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Q5: What are some things that you find inspiring in your fanon?

A5: Kallik... his level of determination and courage... That's something to be admired.

Q6: How did you decide on the personality of your protagonist?

A6: I based Kallik's old personality, before his father's death, on myself. Then, for his current personality, I just thought: Look. His father is dead. His mom is in a state of depression, similar to Katniss' mom in The Hunger Games. He was made a chief at age 9. And he has to take care of his uncle, mom, little sister, and the rest of the village. How would someone act if that happened to them? So, naturally, I made him serious and logical, sorta like a Vulcan.

Q7: How did you decide on the personality of your antagonist?

A7: Uhh... well, another spoiler thing. But, I will say this: He's one of those creepy scientific dudes. I gave him that personality the same way I gave Kallik his: Add up the circumstances, use logic, and baam: I've got a personality for my antagonist.

Q8: Are there any parts of your story that you look forward to writing?

A8: Well, a lot. When I make stories, I think up random parts, with epic back stories, reasons for what is going on, all these chapter cliffhangers, etc. I REALLY want to write those cliffhangers. It's so fun to see my readers reactions! ^_^ Also, I really want to write the epilogue. I've got so many ideas for it. :) And, several loose ends. I've got a idea for how to answer those loose ends, though... so don't be worried, readers! :)

Q9: What are some parts of your fanon that you think you could improve on?

A9: Well, I haven't written anything, but things I wish I could improve on in my writing? Not just for THG? A LOT. There is so much I can improve on. Avatar Wiki changed my writing skills to a way higher level, but I'm not done improving yet. I probably never will.

Q10: Are you planning any further expansions of your story (including writing other stories)?

A10: Well, no fanons I write will be in the same universe as THG, but THG was based on Avatar|Future, by Taddles. THG is an expansion itself, off of A|F, so readers of THG will read A|F, the original series. Taddles said that she'll include THG's plot in the A|F canon, which I'm excited about. :)

Q11: If there was one trait you could take from any character, what would it be?

A11: Hmm.... I'd take a lot of traits from my characters. A lot of my characters have a trait that I gave them because I wish I had that trait. So, one of the traits... Hmm... I'll choose Kallik's steel determination and courage. I've got that, but Kallik... his level of determination and courage... That's something to be admired.

END: Thank you for being here, Wings! Have a great day.

A-END: My pleasure. :)

More interviews coming-up soon!

This interview done by MateyY is in association with the Fanon Fact Finders.

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