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Interview for the Fanon Fact Finders


Host: MateyY Guest: Plasmabender117

Q1: Hello there! How are you today?

Hi I am as good as I can be (so I am surrounded by demons of hell that are called family. They're not all bad just most of them.)

Q2: How did you come up with the idea (concept) of plasmabending?

The idea was started when I thought that all bending was just a bit of magic induced with all phases of matter Earthbending= solids (to a point), Waterbending=liquids, Airbending=gases, Firebending=??? (controversial topic actually, if I truly looked at it Firebending would be the middle man between gases and plasma). And since plasma was the fourth state of matter I said: "Why not make this complete?" So I added a new element into the mix (I am a bit reluctant to call it an element to be honest).

Q3: What inspired your main character?

There is no main character in this series sure it may focus on a certain person from time to time. But the story as a whole focuses on how this new nation affects all the character we Avatar fans know and love (and even some new characters I hope that everyone will love). Later on in the story I will do things to characters that most fans of the old series may hate me for. (To be honest with everyone I will probably hate myself for writing it; it must be done though).

Q4: How did you shape your antagonist?

The antagonist that I want you all to see right now is Kenichi. His whole being was based to answer my one question that formed throughout my experience with Avatar. That question simply was "Why can't someone be stronger than the Avatar?" Of course the character changed to do more than that but if you strip down Kenichi he will always question the set in stone power we all respect in the series (whether it be physical, mental, and even spiritual). I also wanted his beliefs on taking a life to be close to opposite to Aang's (this subject maybe brought up between Aang and Kenichi). But to be honest I don't really have any antagonist yet they simply just have very different views from the Team Avatar. And some may just hate some members of Team Avatar.

Q5: Has your story been inspired by any real life events, etc? If yes, how?

Not really; unless I did it subconsciously.

Q6: What are some parts of your story that you find inspiring and admirable?

That is something I won't decide. Only the readers themselves can be inspired or admire my fanon.

Q7: What are some parts of your story that you wish to improve on?

I wish I could write the action a little better. (A bit off topic but I'll say it anyways) Also I wish that I could communicate to the readers a bit more I really like feed back so I really want all my reader to comment.

Q8: If you could have one trait/ability of any character, what would it be and why?

A8: Well if I could have any ability I would have to say it would be Altair's Kagetejun... Oh right that hasn't been explained in the series yet my bad. The Kagetejun is that move that allows Kenichi and Altair to move to an almost teleportation like speed and uses very little to no energy to preform once mastered . The reason it is Altair's Kagetejun is because it is faster then Kenichi's Kagetejun by a lot. The reason why I chose that is I cant drive yet and I hate that soooo much :/; also it is basically teleporting who hasn't fantasized about that?

Q9: Are planning any further expansions of your idea, such as one-shots or other related fanon stories?

To be honest in the dark recesses of my mind, I have an idea, but I'm not going to get ahead of myself.

END: Thank you for being here with us today!

More interviews coming-up soon!

This interview done by MateyY is in association with the Fanon Fact Finders.

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