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Interview for the Fanon Fact Finders
Host: MateyY Guest: Agent Slash

Suki's Story tells of the adventures of Suki, her animal guide, and her friends, as they unite to protect Kyoshi Island from the bloodthirsty Zhiming Assassins.


O: Hello, Agent Slash; it is great to have you here today! How are you doing?

OA: Well, I'm doing pretty good; thanks for having me, Matey!

Q1: To begin our interview, could explain to us a bit more about how you decided to write the Suki's Story?

A1: Well, I've always loved Suki. She is one of my favorite characters, so one day the idea just came to me. At first, I didn't know if it would work, but I thought it through a little more, created a plot, some new characters, and Suki's Story was born!

Q2: Suki seems to be a favorite character of yours — not many people would write an entire story about a character they dislike. Why is that?

A2: Well, I think that in order to write a story it has to be about something or someone you love. If anyone were to write a story about someone they didn't like, it would not go well, and there would be signs of displeasure in writing the story.

Q3: Tai Kun’s plots are very similar to those of Chin the Conqueror. Was he inspired by the man whom Kyoshi defeated?

A3: Well, originally, Chin the Conqueror was not thought of when I was coming up with the character of Tai Kun, but I eventually found a way to connect his plans to Chin which will be seen in a later chapter.

Q4: Suki, too, seems to have an animal to guide her on her way, something like the Avatars have – the ell hound Feng. Did that also have source of inspiration from the series?

A4: At first, I hadn't even thought about the fact that Suki and her team would need a means of transportation. I thought of animals that were fast and located in the Earth Kingdom. I had it narrowed down to either a mongoose dragon or an eel hound, and the latter was ultimately picked. I also thought it would be cool for Suki to have an animal guide that she could bond with, similar to how Aang and Appa bonded.

Interview (continued)

Q5: There is an airbender in your story, one by the name of Shun. How did you come up with the idea of an Air Nomadic character? Was her personality inspired by real-life events?

A5: The reason I created Shun was, because I wanted an airbender to be involved, and since Air Nomads are hardly seen as evil, I thought it would be interesting to side her with the Zhimings. As far as her personality goes, no, it was not inspired by any real-life events.

Q6: The Zhiming Assassins resemble Team Avatar in a way, as they both have at least a bender of each nation and at least a non-bender.

A6: I guess you could say that. However, their goals are, obviously, very different. The Zhimings were partially inspired by several villainous groups from fanons around the wiki, the biggest contributors being the Isha from Avatar Brek.

Q7: To ask some more general questions, was there any real life inspiration that you used in writing your story?

A7: The idea of Shuang was partially inspired by real-life events. He was a late addition to the story, because he was not originally part of the story. I've seen people get picked on, harassed, and treated horribly until they eventually snap, and that is what led Shuang to become what he is now.

Q8: If there was one attribute or ability you could have from one of your characters, what would it be?

A8: Well, I'm not sure, but it would have to be from Ling. His personality was meant to model my own, and he was designed as the Avatar version of me.

Q9: Are you planning any further expansions of the story?

A9: Well, I am not planning on writing any more fanons with Suki as the main protagonist, but once Suki's Story is over, it will be expanded into the third and final Slash Trilogy fanon: Avatar: Into the Light which will feature her as a main character.

E: Thank you for being here. Have a great day!

EA: Thanks for having me! Have a great day, yourself! =)

Overall, a great story with an interesting plot. I will not be giving out any more information, so go and read it yourself — you'll like it. Thank you for being here today! I hope you enjoyed the interview.


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