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Interview for the Fanon Fact Finders


Host: MateyY Guest: AvatarMonarchist

Pema in Republic City is a story that tells of AvatarMonarchist's theory of Pema being Amon. The story, although not very long until this point, features some interesting values. Today, I will be exploring more about the story and the writer. This is MateyY. I hope you enjoy the interview.



O: Hello AvatarMonarchist; how are you today?

Q1: A quite interesting story you are writing. How did you decide on the idea?

Q2: There are many theories of who Amon is out there, thus many haters. Are you ready for the possibly dislike and negativism?

Q3: No one but Lieutenant knows of Pema’s secret identity. Do you feel good enough of a writer to be able to write the fanon realistically?

Q4: Do you agree with Pema’s feelings? How so?

Q5: In the fourth The Legend of Korra episode – “The Voice in the Night” –, Korra hears Amon speak on the radio. Where and when did Pema broadcast the signal? How was she not noticed?

Q6: Pema has multiple characteristics that match Amon, one of which being her eyes. But how does a pregnant woman fight was such stealth as seen in “The Revelation” and how does she hide her expanded stomach?

Q7: Do you have any characteristics of Pema’s secret identity that were inspired by real life situations, people, etc.?

Q8: What are some parts of your writing you wish to improve on?

Q9: In how many books do you expect to present your series?

Q10: Are you planning any further expansions to your story (other fanon stories, one-short, etc.)?

E: Thank you for your time!


O: I'm good.

A1: Amon is the main bad guy in The Legend of Korra and everything about him is important. There are a lot of ideas out there like Bumi and Sokka. So why not Pema? She's a non-bender and she already shows resentment towards benders with her wanting a non-bender kid and getting wind blasted in her face. It would be a cool twist if she was Amon.

A2: Amon's backstory and identity behind the mask is the big question out there, but too many Avatar fans are uncomfortable with that conversation and try and repress the topic when it comes up. Somebody has to explore the topic, even if I get labeled notorious for it. I know I'll never win a fanon award for this, but as long as people talk and think about my writing, I consider it a success.

A3: Yes. I'm not as good with describing stuff as other writers on here, but I can work with character development. I plan to work with the relationship between her and Tao (Lieutenant's real name in PiRC) as a central theme, while Pema struggles to balance her life as Pema and her life as Amon.

A4: Definitely. I've been through difficult times in my life. I know what its like to have a deep dark secret you hide from people and to have a lot of inner-anger you have to hold back, so it becomes like a mean voice in your head. In Pema's case, its not a voice in her head. Its her other self.

A5: Pema is careful about how she gets around things and not be seen as Amon. She could "go on errands," "take a walk" or some other alibi. If she's seen hearing a radio broadcast of herself as Amon, its a trick to keep people from finding out its her. She probably recorded the broadcast as Amon and instructed Equalists to play it at a certain time. Then she went home to listen to it as Pema.

A6: She hides her pregnant belly behind the strong, extendable armor that Amon always wears around the Equalists. Pema's very athletic and flexible, so she can fight and chi-block well without being pregnant holding her back.

A7: Some people I know have been caught in a rut and stuck living a life with a certain person then go for someone else that they're closer to in a lot of ways. I plan to use Tao as a plot device later on to illustrate this with Pema.

A8: I'd like to be able to describe better and write longer chapters. Those are difficult for me right now.

A9: They say that The Legend of Korra will be two books, so I'll probably stick to that two-book format. That is, unless I get some wave of spontaneous inspiration while writing this.

A10: I have an idea for a fanon about a Firebender and a Waterbender living at the time when the war first began. It would follow two characters. I got the idea from When Air Nomads Walk the Earth, by The Ultimate Waterbender.

Now that you have read the interview, decide for yourself whenever the story is worth reading. For all of those who might that extra push, I will say that the story is one that I will recommend, because it shows an interesting way of thinking and unveils secrets about what Amon, no matter if Pema or not, may be thinking. I, personally, am very interested in seeing where this fanon will go. Feel free to give any ratings to AvatarMonarchist's story and the interview in the comments section.

I hope you enjoyed this release; I will see you in about two weeks!

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