The Legend of Korra Review Contest

Is your review better than everyone else's?

Phase Two

Since there weren't enough participants, there will not be a second phase! All those who participated will be receiving a userbox.

Phase One

Now that the Legend of Korra's premiere has aired, I will be starting a contest on fair grounds to all those who got the chance to watch. Anyone who wants to enter needs to post a new comment with their username, bolded and linked. Example:


Then you skip a line (for source code two lines), write the name of the episode you're reviewing (put in quotation marks; preferred if bolded, but not required), skip another line, and then write the review of your most favorite episode so far and why. At the very bottom you have to give a rating out of 10 (preferred if bloded, but no required). The review can be any length you want, but it has to be written in a Wiki appropriate manner and cannot be on a leaked episode! If the review has spelling/grammatical errors it is not likely to be chosen!

I will be picking the reviews that will be moving on to the next level. There will be five open spots, and only the best will make it. These five reviews will go on to be judged by the community in the form of voting. The final score is equivalent to support-oppose. It doesn't matter if a user gets 2 supports and 1 oppose, while another user gets 100 supports and 100 opposes. The first one still wins.

The reward for the winner is this sweet little userbox.

Korra SDCC poster cropped This user wrote the best review on {{{1}}}.

All of those who move on to the second round will also get this userbox.

Aang in the iceberg This user's review on {{{1}}} was one of the top five.

The first stage of the contest ends April 27, 2012.

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