Hello dear reader,

Today I am here to comment on my idea of what Avatar Korra should have as a character in my opinion. Now, I have indeed observed Aang's inner emotions and have decided that he is much more complex than most people that have ever lived. This, I believe, is the result of all the pain and misfortune that he has suffered. But will Korra be like that. Yes, she does say goodbye to her family leaving everyone she knows behind, but she does find a good job, so to speak, in Republic City, with which come new friends (and hopefully a boyfriends eventually). But does this mean that she will have a simpler or a similar character? Her personality is described to be the exact opposite of Aang, so there will be a difference, yet my wonders are, as you have read the title, will there be an inner struggle? And if yes what? Why? When?

Korra is known to be fighting Amon and his Equalists so does she mean she will feel the sense of loss Aang did (probably not the same)? Will she loose a loved one (probably not; the worst that happened in the last series was Jet dying)? Will she prove to have a more violent reaction to such incidents? Will she end up killing Amon (probably not)? Will she marry or have a baby during the series (probably not)? So we are left to understand that Korra's character will not only have a different personality, but she will also be in a different position. Maybe this is for the better since people with a similar personality have an easier time, so to speak, loosing it (like Azula, even though Azula was a tortured and violent soul).

And after considering all my thoughts, I have come to the conclusion that Korra will grow from an Avatar that is quick to attack to an Avatar who is slow to anger and decisive only when needed. This is, in my opinion, quite like Aang's journey - he was just a goofy kid that did not attack at all, but turned into a truly realized, decisive Avatar. So Korra might not have the inner struggle of a kid that has to save the world, but she will have her journey. So I can't wait until the Legend of Korra comes out, and see if my predictions are true!

And now please respond to the post and tell me what you think! Thanks!

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