Let me start off this blog post by telling everyone that I was not the person who watched the series on television on the day it aired, nor was I the person who watched the series a few days after it aired. I lived in a small country, then, where I only got to watch a couple of episodes (which I did not fully remember). I got all my knowledge in the last three months, when I watched the series for four days, and now I am watching it for the thirteenth (I think) time. So you can say that I am a maniac and you would not be lying. But what kind of a maniac owns no merchandise at all (I watched the series on Netflix)? So I first got the Collector's Edition of Book One for an amazingly low price - $20.49! Sadly the shipping kind of damaged the cover.

The second thing I got was the Lost Adventures comic, for the normal, $15 price.

The third thing was the Promise Part 1 for about $9.

The fourth thing was the Art of the Animated Series for about $19 (it was really a great deal).

But that wasn't enough for me, so I proceeded to buy an action figure. Now these were extremely expensive and then one I got, Arctic Stealth Zuko, was extremely cheap - $16 - when you compared it to the others ($79.99+). Of course when it arrived, I had to open an unopened for 6 years, toy. It was very nice, realistic, pose-able, had very nicely done weapons and impressive, typical Fire Nation shoes.

But... that just wasn't enough for me (I, indeed, am that type of person when I really love something). So I ended up ordering Airbending Aang and Avatar Roku action figures for $33. They were, too, a very nice deal, knowing that Roku was currently $20 and Aang was $69.50+. I am still waiting on them, but, thankfully, I still haven't started to freak out.

And this is where the interesing part starts: What kind of Avatar merchandise do you have? What would you like to get? Do you want any links to where you can get it? What, if any, Korra merchandise would you like to see (I just want an iTunes season pass and all the action figures; I love little toys that represent a good story)?

Thank you!

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