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The Fire Ferrets train for the pro-bending finals, when Amon threatens the United Republic Council to close down the arena or else. When Korra and her teammates go to see what the decision is, they discover that the Council is giving in; the final decision, however, turns out to be different after Lin Beifong's promise to guard the arena.

In the little time Korra has in between the decision and the match, she learns of Tenzin and Lin's former affections and relationship, explaining to her why Lin dislikes her so much, and why she is not quite kind to Tenzin either.

After the two teams are introduced and the game begins, the Fire Ferrets discover the Wolfbats' strategy of using cheating and that they have bought the referee. After narrowly making it through round one, Korra and her team tie in round two. After the Ferrets win the coin toss, Korra decides to face-off Tahno, where she humiliates him and wins the duel.

In round three, after a series of obvious but unpunished cheats, the Wolfbats manage to knock the Fire Ferrets out, using a combination of water and earth and hitting their opponents in the head, something against the rules.

The outcome, however, is changed when the Equlists take over the arena and Amon takes the Wolfbats' bending away. Korra goes after Amon, and is aided by Chief Beifong. They both save each others' lives multiple times, but fail to capture Amon.

After the end of the action-filled minutes, the Fire Ferrets, Tenzin, Lin and Korra get to look at the now-ruined arena and the chaos that had been created. Tenzin notes a war has begun.

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This has been the most amazingly-done, action-filled, cartoon episode in my life. From the very beginning to the very end, you could feel the episode growing more and more interesting. The effects were masterfully done, and the battle in the end was epic. And we are just half-way through the first season, suggesting that we could see things like no other by the end of the series.

Another part of the episode that I highly liked was the second flashback. It was much more suggestive of Korra soon meeting Aang to master the Avatar state, something people have been wanting for a while; but it was also suggestive toward the strange man we saw in the flashback in episode four, "The Voice in the Night". If he is, as many have predicted, Yakone, it is truly possible that Amon is, in some way, related to him.

On the subject of Amon, I have to say that this episode featured his brains and his ability to use others very well. He is turning out to be a wondrous villain! Although not seen in much action, his men were very important to the last few minutes of the episode, and if you ask me, the best part.

I also enjoyed Korra and Lin's relationship growing from mutual dislike to a possible friendship. To add to the case of Lin, I had seen someone have a theory of her being Tenzin's ex-fiancee, and it now turned out to be true. That explains quite a lot of the feelings that were present in the first few episodes.

The way I am seeing it, this has been a marvelous episode. Overall, it deserves a 10 out of 10.

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