Okay, I am re-doing the blog post since there is a new point to write about and my last one was quite inaccurate. So I am now going to be commenting on the fact that Hiroshi Sato is one of Amon's players. As it was suggested, Sato is a part of Amon's personal "team". There is an image of them together and it can be viewed here.

Hiroshi is also rich and clever enough to provide Amon with all he needs for the Anti-bending Revolution, but it is not known if he is doing it while knowing Amon's final intentions and trying to make the world a better place for his daughter, or he just has bad memories of benders from his past. But no matter the reason, he is probably not knowing what he's getting himself into and to what extent Amon plans to deal with benders. That can be confirmed by the fact that his daughter is a pro-bending fan, though I doubt that he would be truly happy that she goes to watch the matches.

Now to pick up on the subject of Amon's machine, a theory presented here. If there is such a thing, who would be better to design it than Hiroshi? He is rich and has designed the satomobiles, what seems to be a very famous car brand. And if he is designing Amon's machine, is he making weapons for the Equalists? For example Lieutenant's electric kai sticks, or Amon's suit. Was it Hiroshi that designed them? We'll find out in the Legend of Korra.

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