This is my review of the second Legend of Korra episode. Warning: it contains some major spoilers.

Overview: Korra tries to learn airbending, but she doesn't truly give in to understanding it. Tenzin, on the other hand, is not very understand of her either. Korra requests that she goes to the Bending Arena to see a pro-bending match, but Tenzin strictly refuses. Korra listens to the radio of some of her White Lotus guards. She hears about the Fire Ferrets, but the time of enjoyment is ended by Tenzin when they are discovered.

Next day Korra meditates with the rest of the family, but she cannot stand doing nothing. In the night, she sneaks out to the pro-bending arena. There she meets Toza who is in the process of calling security on her, but is stopped by Bolin. He says that was his girl. Korra and him both feel award. Bolin corrects himself and tells Korra that he didn't meant to imply what he had implied. Korra, in response, says he implied it.

Bolin leads Korra to the stands where she meets his brother, Mako. From her face, you can infer that she had a crush on him from the moment she saw him. Then a man on speaker welcomes the Fire Ferrets to the field. Korra realizes that they are the pro-bending team she had heard about on the radio and is very excited to see them play.

The Fire Ferrets win the match, but Mako is unhappy with their waterbender. Then another match follows in which it is all thanks to Mako's experience that the team wins. But Mako is very unhappy with their waterbender once again. Korra tells them that she is the Avatar which surprises Bolin and Mako, though Mako's reaction was much more careless. Bolin shows Korra ways to move around on the field and how to be fast and light. Fianlly, Korra goes home.

Next day, Korra pays the Bending Arena another visit. But the Fire Ferrets lack a team member, thus, they cannot play. Korra offers that she fills in the spot. Mako isn't very delighted by the idea, but Bolin instantly agrees. When the referee asks them if they are ready to play, Korra and Bolin answer yes. Mako says that he did not agree with this.

When Korra goes out on the field, she gets two penalties and has to move to the third zone of the ring. Then she is blasted off it. Fortunately, Mako and Bolin stay on. In round two, Korra earthbends to save herself from a vicious attack. Tenzin and the White Lotus guards hear that the Avatar is competing on the radio. Tenzin heads for the Bending Arena immediately. In the mean time, Korra is allowed to continue playing as long as she only uses waterbending. Unfortunately, she is, once again, blasted of the field. There she meets Tenzin. He is very upset with her, but Korra goes on to play in the third round. She gets blasted out of zone one and zone two. Having so little space to move around, Korra is almost trapped. Then she starts moving like an airbender, dogging every single hit. Tenzin is amazed. Finally, the opposing team runs out of bendables, leaving them defenseless. Mako and Bolin finish the match off by blasting all the opposing members of the field. The Fire Ferrets win, and Tenzin shows a reaction of pleasure with the score.

Before Korra heads back, Mako tells her that she is truly a natural.

Next morning on Air Temple Island, Tenzin and Korra apologize to each other. Tenzin accepts that pro-bending was the tool Korra needs to learn airbending. She tells him that she has permanently joined the Fire Ferrets. This doesn't make Tenzin very happy, but he lets her do so.

In the last scene of the epsiode, Korra is shown looking at the Bending Arena, and Mako is shown looking at Air Temple Island, showing their newborn, shared love.

Review: Let me start off by saying that this episode is officially my new favorite. I loved everything about it - the idea, the new characters, the sport. Everything. I enjoyed seeing Tenzin strict and seeing him more accepting toward Korra's choice to be a pro-bender and an airbender. I enjoyed "meeting" Bolin and Mako, for their characters were so real. And I mostly enjoyed the newborn love in the end. This is turning out to me an amazing series already!

Score: 10 out of 10

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