aka Matey

  • I live in the United States of America.
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is teaching the Avatar wikibending.
  • I am male.
  • MateyY
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  • MateyY

    Here is a simple tutorial on how to use <pre> tags and <syntaxhighlight> tags. For any questions, feel free to contact me.

    <pre> tags are great to wrap coding samples without any syntax highlighting. They also preserve all spaces.

    Here is a chunk of code wrapped and not wrapped in a <pre> tag:

    here is some text

    . If the language is invalid, a box will show up with all the valid languages.

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  • MateyY
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  • MateyY

    Believe it or not, it's finally happened. I think at least some of us were suspicious — I bring one of them — thanks to the category bug yesterday. Alao, our images preview, which you get when you click on an image in the images module, is quite different as well — more of a sideshow.

    This upgrade also brings to where we have to catch with web standards. The signature that worked until now could stop doing so! Thr same applies to other code you and everyone else wrote using older tags, such:

    • font
    • center (and other placement tags)
    • clear="all" (all tags with that attribute)

    And many other older HTML tags. Here is a list of the supported tags. If you want to, located your signature and other code, go on the reference page, click Ctrl+F or Command+F …

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  • MateyY

    With the upcoming MediaWiki update, MediaWiki v1.19, previous HTML styling tags, as well as some other properties, will be removed! That means there will be no more use of . This will not, however, be much of a problem thanks to the clear template.

    There are other examples of tags and ways of writing style that will be disabled as soon as the update is passed.

    I have come to notice that many users' signatures still use older HTML styling tags. These will, however, have to be replaced, so that the signature renders properly. You can either do that yourself, or you can request that the Coding Companions fix that for you. In fact, we will not only be fixing signatures but all kinds of other codes as well! So sign up today!

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