Hello reader and thank you taking the time to click onto, and in reading my Blog post.

As may have guessed by the title, this is a informative blog on the production and writing status of the projects; "Yangchen: A War in Two Worlds" and "The Restoraion of Hope" animation. 

News on Yangchen: A War in Two Worlds (Coming Soon)

I've almost finished writing the first chapter, "The Room of a Thousand Toys", and plans of a late September release might be a possibility. However, with other ongoing projects (2 Animations and a Comicstrip), and starting college, it may be a while before it's released.

In addition, the official page for the Fanon will be added to the Wiki, once editing has begun for the first chapter.

News on The Restoration of Hope

You may have, or have not, heard of this Fanon. It was going to be an animation, then it wasn't, then production halted, then it start up again...basically it's been a complete mess! But, I have taken up the job in becoming Producer and writer for the series, and with my freind, AvatarKatar (Check him out).

Right now, we're writing Episode one, "The Orphans of Furui City", before we begin to undertake the massive job and responsiblity of the production, especially for an animation. However, that's where the community come in and (fingers crossed) help us to find and discover;

  • Talented Voice Actors
  • Skilled Animators
  • Sound Effect specialists
  • Music Composers
  • Directors
  • Writers

(My contact details - email:

It's going to be a long and hard job, but it's one we feel is 'well' wearth it, and with ideas we have, I hope the two can be great additions to the Avatar Wiki World!

Thanks again

P.S. - 'Please remeber to show your support for The Restoration of Hope.

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