Hello there reader, and thank you for clicking on here this blog!

I just want to say, it's been a longtime since I've been on the Wiki, and even longer since I wrote a blog! But here I am back to writing 'random rambling rubbish' in my blogs on what boring to crazy "things" happening with me and some of my ideas, which have some connection with the Avatar franchise (if any). Anyway's, enough of that, what's been happening; Book 4 of Korra's been happening, with perhaps one of best first episodes to date for Avatar as a whole, and that's saying something! It really has a the feeling of an epic, spiritual journey for both Korra and the world, which will make a fun ride for all of us! :D

So, here we go on the "Yangchen" front: if you remember, I mentioned that I was currently writing a Fanon about the adventures of Yangchen, titled: Yangchen: The War in Two Worlds, which I'm glad to say, I've got back into writing again after a month hiatus from the project. Here's a sneak peak of a small section of Chapter One:

Cautiously, the girl sat down on top of the huge cushion, which she slowly began to sink into. With great frustration and difficulty, she fought back, hard and valiantly against the ‘evil’ orange cushion, before she finally realized that if she stopped her fidgeting, it would stop attempting to eat her whole.

I'm hoping to have Chapter 1: The Room of a Thousand Toys, completed by November, but, as I've said before, I'll take my time and write the best Fanon I can for you all to read. It's definitely going to be a long project for me, and with College and other projects, it may take sometime each chapter to written and uploaded, if I can get this chapter up on the Wiki! *Finger Crossed*

Well, that been the random ramblings of me Mat5usdairashi, I hope you enjoyed this blog and again, thanks for clicking and reading.

Thank you!

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