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    Hello there, and thanks for clicking on this blog.’s been awhile, something like 6 months…soo, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!’s part 3 of my indepth review of ATLA: Book One: Water - back by zero demand... (¬_¬)

    Thank you.

    Part 3 - Last post: Part 2 (Winter Solstice Parts 1 & 2, Jet, The Great Divide, The Storm, The Blue Spirit, The Fortuneteller & Bato of the Water Tribe)

    The title of book makes it clear that it revolves around the element of Water, it doesn’t mean that’s ALL that interests our lead character Aang. Indeed he’s received little to no real training through the story thus far, but that is all about to change with this chapter, “The Deserter”.

    Firebending has never been seen as an element…

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    Hello, and thanks for clicking on this blog.

    I just wanted apologise for the long time between these reviews being uploaded to the Wiki, it’s just that it was much more difficult to review these than I first though.

    Thanks again and please enjoy!

    A casualty in the battle of the rig, from the last episode, was Katara’s necklace. A reminder and memorial of her late mother, which is claimed by Zuko. This leads us into the two parter, “Winter Solstice”, where Zuko is now closing in on Aang, and more on the Avatar’s responsibilities and abilities are revealed. It starts off with the gang coming across this forest which has been devastated by the Firenation, later a nearby village, which is being tormented by a spirit monster, both are connected. T…

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    Hello, and thank you for clicking on this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it through and perhaps seeing somethings from a different pair-of-eyes.

    This is going to be a small introduction to "In-depth look" at Avatar: The Last Airbender , as I’ve read other reviews upon the Wiki, I wanted to give my own take of one of my favorite shows. Now, I’ve never done anything like this before, so please forgive if I bore you at time, just please be paicient while reading. Especially through long sections of inconsistent ramblings (like this one) or any problematic points where my opinions may become slightly clouded or differ from your own. If there's anything I've missed in terms to the concept behind Avatar or any advice on how to enhance these season…
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    Back To Square One

    October 26, 2014 by Mat5udairashi

    Hello there reader, and thank you for clicking on here this blog!

    I just want to say, it's been a longtime since I've been on the Wiki, and even longer since I wrote a blog! But here I am back to writing 'random rambling rubbish' in my blogs on what boring to crazy "things" happening with me and some of my ideas, which have some connection with the Avatar franchise (if any). Anyway's, enough of that, what's been happening; Book 4 of Korra's been happening, with perhaps one of best first episodes to date for Avatar as a whole, and that's saying something! It really has a the feeling of an epic, spiritual journey for both Korra and the world, which will make a fun ride for all of us! :D

    So, here we go on the "Yangchen" front: if you remember, …

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  • Mat5udairashi

    Hello reader and thank you taking the time to click onto, and in reading my Blog post.

    As may have guessed by the title, this is a informative blog on the production and writing status of the projects; "Yangchen: A War in Two Worlds" and "The Restoraion of Hope" animation. 

    I've almost finished writing the first chapter, "The Room of a Thousand Toys", and plans of a late September release might be a possibility. However, with other ongoing projects (2 Animations and a Comicstrip), and starting college, it may be a while before it's released.

    In addition, the official page for the Fanon will be added to the Wiki, once editing has begun for the first chapter.

    You may have, or have not, heard of this Fanon. It was going to be an animation, then i…

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