Avatar : All Time Top 10 Ranking

This article is about the different 10 ranking of Avatar : The Legend Of Korra & Avatar : The Last Airbender .

Avatar : ★ Top 10 Most Amazing Locations Built In Avatar World

Top #10 : Eastern Air Temple

  • Location : Eastern Air Temple
  • Originally Built By : Air Nomads
  • Rebuild By : Avatar Aang w/ Air Acolytes
  • Position : Home For Female Air Nomads & Air Acolytes
Restored Eastern Air Temple

The Eastern Air Temple is one of the four original temples of the Air Nomads and is currently inhabited by a group of Air Acolytes. Before the Hundred Year War, it was one of the two air temples, the other being the Western Air Temple, which exclusively housed female airbenders.Unlike the Northern and Southern Air Temples, the Eastern Air Temple is housed on three separate mountains, connected by bridges. Not much is known about its physical appearance, except that it was once a great temple, left desolate after the Fire Nation's attacks. It has three pagodas, one on each mountain, with green tiled roofs. The center mountain pagoda has a couple smaller buildings next to it. According to Tenzin, the Eastern Air Temple is the most spiritual of the four Air Temples.

Top #09 : Spirit Oasis Of Northern Water Tribe

  • Location : Northern Water Tribe
  • Originally Built By : Moon & Ocean Spirit
  • Position : Spirit World Gateway
Spirit Oasis

The Spirit Oasis is a lush garden and pond located in a cove deep within the Northern Water Tribe's capital city at the North Pole. It was created by the Moon and Ocean Spirits.[2] Although the landscape surrounding the pond is perpetually frozen, the Spirit Oasis itself is warm, verdant, and inviting. It is the most peaceful and spiritual place in all of the Northern Water Tribe.The Spirit Oasis is a secluded cove located at the base of a waterfall behind the chief's temple. This unusual place is a lush, warm, tropical oasis and the center of all spiritual activity in the entire North Pole. The tribe believes that the energy of the Moon and Ocean Spirits keeps the oasis constantly warm and flourishing. There is a small pond and a spirit gate located on the grassy island. During each full moon, the tribe makes an offering to the spirits in thanks for their protection by placing food and objects beneath the oasis gate.

Top #08 : Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace

  • Location : Southern Water Tribe
  • Originally Built By : Master Pakku
  • Position : Royal Palace
Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace

The Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace is the seat of government in the Southern Water Tribe, housing both the legislative and judicial branches of the local statecraft. Located in the tribe's harbor capital, the palace serves to represent the Southern Water Tribe's autonomy from its Northern counterpart, housing the Council of Chieftains and Elders. It is also a testament to the tribe's restoration following the Hundred Year War, boasting elaborate and traditional Water Tribe architecture.[1]

Top #07 : Omashu

  • Location : South Western Earth Kingdom
  • Originally Built By : Shu & Oma
  • Position : Provincial Capital

Omashu is the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom and the capital of one of its provinces. Only outdone in size and importance by Ba Sing Se, Omashu was one of the last great strongholds of the Earth Kingdom during the Hundred Year War, and continued to supply the Earth Kingdom Army with troops and supplies until it was taken by Fire Nation forces in the closing months of the great war. The gates of this bustling metropolis are guarded by an army of earthbenders. This city is also well known for its famous delivery system powered by a combination of both earthbending and gravity.

The tall mountain peak on which Omashu was founded is located in the Kolau Mountains in the southwestern Earth Kingdom. It rises high out of a deep chasm and was created by earthbenders several centuries prior to King Bumi's reign. Being built on this mountain provides the city with one of its best defenses; the only way to reach the gates of Omashu is across a long narrow bridge of stone that spans the sheer gorge.[2]

Previously ruled by Bumi,[1] Omashu was conquered by the Fire Nation during the War and renamed New Ozai.[3] However, during the Day of Black Sun, the powerless firebenders were expelled from the city, and it was once again reclaimed by the Earth Kingdom.[4]

Top #06 : Ba Sing Se

  • Location : North Eastern Earth Kingdom
  • Originally Built By : First Generation Of Earth Benders
  • Position : Capital City Of The Earth Kingdom
Ba Sing Se

Ba Sing Se is the capital of the Earth Kingdom, encompassing nearly all of the nation's northeastern corner. After the Capture of Omashu, the city became the last great Earth Kingdom stronghold during the Hundred Year War.[2]

The city is by far the largest in the World of Avatar, essentially being more of a small country than a mere city. As a testament to its grandeur, the Earth Kingdom's roadway network is centered on the city.[3] Ba Sing Se means "Impenetrable City";[1] it is so named for its world-famous walls, the gates of which have no hinges or other hardware and are opened by the use of earthbending. Within the Outer Wall lies a large expanse of farmland, Lake Laogai, and several mountains. The Inner Wall encloses the city itself. The metropolis is also notable for having a unique system of walls dividing the populace into different parts of the city based on social status.[4]

Ba Sing Se was the safest place for refugees displaced by the Hundred Year War because of the Fire Nation's failure to penetrate its walls. However, it was eventually captured by the Fire Nation in the Coup of Ba Sing Se.[5] The city was later liberated by the Order of the White Lotus in the final battle of the War.[6]

Top #5 : Sun Warrior Ancient City

  • Location : Northern Fire Nation
  • Originally Built By : First Sun Warriors
  • Position : Home For Sun Warriors
Sun Warriors' ancient city

The Sun Warriors' ancient city is a large, historic settlement located on an island north of the Fire Nation mainland. It was thought to be uninhabited, but Aang and Zuko discovered that the Sun Warrior civilization still existed in the city. Much of this stone metropolis is now covered in vines and sits unused, as the tribe is much smaller than it used to be. Some of the architecture of this ancient city is mirrored in modern day Fire Nation architecture, most specifically the Fire Sages' temples.[1]

The city is heavily laden with booby traps. The sunstone, an important relic to Sun Warrior culture, is hidden in a room which supposedly only opens during the solstice. Once opened, it is accessed by two people performing the Dancing Dragon, an ancient firebending form that involves placing their feet in a synchronized fashion on specifically located push-tiles. If the sunstone is removed from its pedestal, a booby trap is activated, which causes the room to fill with a powerful glue.[2]

Top #4 : Northern Water Tribe

  • Location : North Pole
  • Originally Built By : Water Benders
  • Position : City For Northern Water Tribe
Modern Northern Water Tribe capital

The Northern Water Tribe is a division of the Water Tribe located within the realms of the North Pole. Its capital city, notable for being made almost entirely out of ice, is referred to by the same name. Built inside high walls of ice and surrounded by largely inhospitable tundra terrain, the city thrives in its isolation.[1] No attack by the Fire Nation on the city during the Hundred Year War ever succeeded, including the massive Siege of the North.[3] As such, the Northern Water Tribe maintained prosperity throughout the War, unlike its counterpart, the Southern Water Tribe, which lost all of its able-bodied men and all but one waterbender to the war efforts. After the fall of Ba Sing Se, the Northern Water Tribe was the only major city that had not fallen under Fire Nation control. The settlement continued to grow and develop following the end of the Hundred Year War, expanding to encompass regions above the cliffs that protect the tiered capital city.

Top #3 : Zaofu

  • Location : Earth Kingdom
  • Originally Built By : Suyin Beifong
  • Position : Metal City

Zaofu is known as the home of the Metal Clan and regarded as the safest city in the world. The family's matriarch, Suyin Beifong, constructed the settlement entirely out of metal in the Earth Kingdom. Team Avatar traveled to this city in 171 AG in their search to recruit new airbenders to rebuild the Air Nation.[1]

Sometime after 141 AG, Suyin Beifong purchased a parcel of land in the Earth Kingdom to develop into the city of Zaofu. In advancing her project, Suyin hired Baatar, an architect with whom she had five children after marriage. Suyin's eldest son eventually became an engineer and assisted his father in numerous projects around the city.

Top #2 : Western Air Temple

  • Location : Western Air Temple
  • Originally Built By : Air Nomads
  • Position : Home For Female Air Nomads & Air Acolytes
Western Air Temple

The Western Air Temple is one of the four original temples of the Air Nomads and one of the two, the other being the Eastern Air Temple, that exclusively housed female airbenders. It is located in the mountains north of the Fire Nation. The temple is notable in that, unlike the other four temples, it is situated underneath the edge of a cliff instead of atop a mountain. The spires seem as though they were built upside-down, and because of that, the temple is hidden to the passerby.[2] Its design allows wind to flow into even the deepest chambers, which made the Air Nomads feel quite at home.[3] Avatar Yangchen was born and raised at the Western Air Temple.

Top #1 : Fire Nation Capital

  • Location : Central Main Land Of Fire Nation
  • Originally Built By : Fire Nation
  • Position : Capital City
Fire Nation Capital

The Fire Nation Capital, also known as Capital City,[1] is the seat of the government for the Fire Nation. It is home to the Fire Lord, the Royal Family, and nobles of the Fire Nation. The capital is located on the Capital Island, a large island in the western region of the Fire Nation.

This city is one of the larger cities of the four nations. It has a distinct layout, consisting of a harbor surrounded by a dock and the Royal Plaza, an industrial harbor city behind the plaza, buildings and homes scattered around the surrounding hills, and finally, another neighborhood in the crater of a dormant volcano known as Caldera, where Fire Nation elite live around the Royal Palace. The city has an extensive defense mechanism and is, alongside Ba Sing Se, the most heavily fortified city in the World of Avatar.

The Fire Nation Capital largely stayed out of the Hundred Year War, due to the prowess of the Fire Nation Navy. However, it came under attack on at least one occasion, during the failed Invasion of the Fire Nation[2] on the Day of Black Sun.[3]

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