Around the Avatar WorldWriting Contest
This blog post is a reaction to both Minnichi's & Omashu Rock's Writing Contests.
Also, let's participate at MibuWolf's Contest too!

What if you could turn Around the Avatar World?

"Welcome, welcome! Time has come to select one courageous young fanon writer, for the honor of representing Avatar Wiki in the 1st annual (O.o') edition of the Around the Avatar WorldWriting Contest!"
Master Ratava in Around the Avatar World Writing Contests Reaping overture.

Fellow Fanon Writers, stretch your fingers and start typing, for new adventures to come! This Writing Contest is all about discovering new sites (or new points of view over old ones) in the Avatar World.

Wanna know how this will work, children? Yes, Captain Ratava!

So come on over here and clean your ears, I'm gonna tell you all that there is...

First, there is the prize:

  • 1st place: One scenario + characters' scene raw illustration (it means it will be without editions effects; crude art done in pen/pencil [it'll depend on my humor])
  • 2nd place: One scenario OR (that doesn't mean Omashu Rocks) characters' (up to a pair) also raw illustration.
  • 3rd place: One characters' raw illustration.
  • Honorary Honorable place: A surprise raw illustration.

All pics will be made by myself... If you'd like some samples of my artwork please see the following Avatar:The First Skybender characters: Akalanata, Ame, Axia, Koori, Odin, Shan Henmi.

What should you do to turn Around the Avatar World?

"The rule of all rules. The rule unwritten. The rule unspoken since the dawn of history."
— Confessor: Chapter 58, page 548 (Terry Goodkind)

Now that I've shown you the interesting part; I'm gonna show you what are the rules!

You are supposed to write a short fiction, not necessary a one-shot, in which your main character(s) will have to travel around the world. In this fanon, you'll have to show them visiting at least three locations in different time periods.

But the thing isn't that only!

The story must be an adventure one. I'm talking about adventure, not action, nor romance, nor comedy, not even drama. Adventure!

You, fellow wikian, will take three steps to determine which places will be obligation stops at your fanon trip. The order in which those locations will appear its up to you.

First, pick the initial letter of your username. Look at the first column location. Then, the last letter of your username. Look at the second column location. Then, again, the first letter of your username to the third column (pay attention that this column locations are for two letters each). If your username have only numbers, then use the letters as you say them.

Initial username letter
A Northern Water Tribe
B Northern Air Temple
C Western Air Temple
D Ba Sing Se
E Abbey
F Ruins of Taku, including an herbalist institute.
G Makapu Village
H Pohuai Stronghold
I Harbor town
J Gaipan, located near an abandoned treetop hideout.
K Fire Nation colonial village
L Seedy merchants pier
M Fire Nation Capital
N Black Cliffs
O Fire Nation village which Hama terrorized after moving tom the Fire Nation.
P Fire Fountain City
Q Roku's island
R Ember Island
S Shu Jing, home to the legendary swordsman Piandao.
T Jang Hui
U Fire Nation village with a school that Aang secretly attended.
V Crescent Island, with a demolished temple for Avatar Roku.
W Great Divide
X Senlin Village / Hei Bai's forest
Y General Fong's fortress
Z Mining village

Final username letter
A Serpent's Pass
B Wan Shi Tong's Library
C Kolau Mountain Range
D The Cave of Two Lovers
E Omashu, formerly known as New Ozai.
F Foggy Swamp
G Plains village
H Tu Zin village
I Chin Village
J Gaoling
K Kyoshi Island
L Eastern Air Temple
M Southern Air Temple
N Southern Water Tribe
O Whaletail Island
P Lake Laogai
Q Chameleon Bay
R Patola Mountain Range
S Si Wong Desert, home to Si Wong Rock
T Crystal Catacombs of Old Ba Sing Se
U Sun Warriors' ancient city
V The Boiling Rock
W Fire Nation Royal Palace
X Farming village
Y Full Moon Bay
Z River village

Initial username letter
A/N Scorched forest
B/O Seaport village
C/P Wulong Forest
D/Q Yu Dao
E/R Republic City
F/S Hu Xin Provinces
G/T Red Sand Island
H/U Village resort
I/V Air Temple Island
J/W Pro-bending Arena
K/X Aang Memorial Island
L/Y Central City Station
M/Z Harmony Tower

For example:
My username: Master Ratava.
Initial letter: M.
Final letter: A.
So, my locations would be: Fire Nation Capital, Serpent's Pass and Harmony Tower.

And if my user name were: 20 Master Ratava 00.
I could say it: "Two-zero..." or "Twenty..." for the 20, so the Initial letter: T.
And: "...Zero-zero", "...Double-zero", "O-o", or even "...Double-O", so the Final letter: O.
Making my locations: Jang Hui, Whaletail Island and Red Sand Island.

It's my choice which one of these will be the initial setting, and which one will be the last... Other locations may come in handy too, they're optional; but these three are not.

How should you do to turn Around the Avatar World?

"Every quest with worldwide proportions needs a main transport!"
Master Ratava in Around the Avatar World Writing Contests Reaping overture.

Now that you know which places will have to be part of your Around the Avatar World trip, you'll have to find out how your characters are gonna make it!

Let's find out which one will be yours!

Now, pick your registration month on this wiki, the very first month when you did your first edit in here!

January Flying bison
March Ostrich horse
May Sand-sailer
July Fire Nation airship
September Saber-tooth moose lion
November Mecha tank

February Canyon crawler
April Hot air balloon
June Polar bear dog
August Air Nomad glider
October Automobile
December Tundra tank

Any kind of alteration to the basic form of the transport is permitted, however it may not result into an uncharacteristic management...

For example: my first edit here was in January, so my characters would have to use a flying bison as transportation. ^_^v

And, no, you're not allowed to use your birthday month one as main transport. ¬¬'

Are you prepared to turn Around the Avatar World?

So, now that you know the places you're gonna make your characters pass through and their transportation, you need to know how you're gonna make your entry on this contest.

You can start by leaving a comment just as this one: "My amazing crew will travel the Avatar World on a flying bison and they're going to pass at: Fire Nation Capital, Serpent's Pass and Harmony Tower."

Please, specify your letters, even if they're obvious, and your month too.

You can make a fanon page, or a blog post. Unfortunately there won't be accepted message wall threads as entries.

The fancier the page is, the better to read, but that won't influence the content grading.

Co-authorship is allowed, but just as the one-author-only rules, one entry for each combination. So, you can pair yourself with all other contestants and still win this thing! =D How nice!

You, and you only can edit your entry after its send, so please aware other editors before putting it on the roll.

What pleases Ratava about turning Around the Avatar World?

A Hints subsection! Since I'll be the one judging the fanons submitted here then you shall know a little bit of what kind of things would I like to read about, am I correct? I'll list some of them, so you won't feel so lost on this Whole New World:

  • Easy things: I don't get them, I dislike them, I hate them. The more difficult things may seem, the better; not that kind of ridiculous impossible things that happen to occur, just something a little hard to get. After all, a person only values what them had put some effort on achieving. P.S.: Don't try me, void-transporting your characters from a place to another ¬¬'
  • Damsel in Distress: I don't like it. I like strong female characters, not that sweety little I-have-to-protect girl... P.S.: Please, don't get confused! Strong female characters are not always tomboys! ¬¬'
  • Future-telling: The more a story holds secrets, the best; I can't stand a story that I can predict what's gonna happen next! So, amuse me! Fool me! Trick me into thinking something is going to happen, and then, it happens in a completely out of the box way! P.S.: Think out of the box, great ideas are basically normal ideas thought through awkward angles/perspectives!
  • Treasure Hunt: An adventure must have something to do with finding, or hiding, or discovering artifacts, hidden cities, or even a very wanted person! Try not to be obvious, and again if on your journey you shall turn back, or split your crew, then do it! Divide and conquer! P.S.: Messages in bottles may start an adventure; insight dreams too, and even wishes from princesses!

As Mi-chan, I'm an anime/manga addict, however my precious are some of the 90's ones; but you may want to add some reference to other animation you like, just be aware that the readers may not be updated to what you'll insert. So, if you wanna do it. Please, make a note on a trivia subsection.

When shall we start our turn Around the Avatar World? (Deadline)

The poll was created at 12:24 on October 11, 2012, and so far 13 people voted.

15th October:
Since the majority of votes are leading to November, I decided to give a few more days so the deadline will be the 23h59, 17th November (UTC). If your fanon is a one-shot, it doesn't matter you uploading it on a blog or a fanon page; but if it is a short-fic, I'd rather see it published on fanon pages (with a main page; chapters pages separated, characters pages [if you want], etc.) Also, if it is a short-fic you can upload each chapter as you write; so you'll have your readers' feedback. Then I'll be able to start reading them as soon as you publish.
May all the odds be ever in your favor ^_~v

Beside turning Around the Avatar World what other contests do you plan on taking part?

The poll was created at 15:53 on October 13, 2012, and so far 8 people voted.

That's all for now, good luck guys!

You may want to use the userbox below. There will be one for each winner.

See you Around the Avatar World.

Don't get yourself lost Around the Avatar World!


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Thank you all

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