My First day here. My First Avatar fanon.

First Fan Fiction

I'm feeling really happy about coming back to what I do like doing, which is writing, even if it's not in portuguese, that could be faster/easier to me, but I'll try not to make a fool out of myself.

Back in the early 2000's my addiction was (and in a sort of a way until it is) Harry Potter, and I fought with my commitment to my HP fan fiction at that time. Well, my beta-reader, and friend, told me to stop writing fanons, and start doing some own projects. But it is really hard to keep on writing about characters, and creating a brand new world, when all around me are books with their own creative and professional structures... Somewhat of annoying for me...

So I entered into a hiatus, for so long time, that I decided not to continue my HP fiction...

Then, because my studies, college, and personal life, writing became a dream even more distant. And I lost myself in just reading...

But now Korra's coming, and I couldn't hold myself anymore. I had these parts of a shattered idea... So I decided to bring it to life.

It's not, I dare say, a life's project. I do have other priorities. But I'm not in the mood, or comfortable enough to dedicate to them, knowing that I shall trust again in somebody to beta-read them to me.

As I cannot make money out of fanon, so it's all about having fun. And playing with the possibilities of "What ifs?", and try to add some new points of viewing the things that already exist on Avatar world, and why not adding some original stuff?

I beg for your comprehension, and ask for your support. If at least one person keeps on reading and liking my story, I'll have accomplished my goal of entertaining someone else with my creativity. (I do hope I'm not copying any one; because I've never read any Avatar fanon, so, forgive me if I do, and please, tell me, so I can redo in case...)

My challenge with The First Skybender are going to be, how am I guessing what's happened on Korra's life and how I'm capable of undo things and plots that my be disconnected if the new information runs against my ideas... For now I'll just relax, and enjoy this brand old quite anew sensation I'm having back here.

Please enjoy reading my story as much as I'm doing writing it.

Thank you all.

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