Master Ratava

aka 熱沓霸師傅

  • I live in São Paulo/SP/Brazil
  • I was born on October 20
  • My occupation is Published short story author \o/
  • I am Male
  • Master Ratava

    Around the Avatar WorldWriting Contest
    This blog post is a reaction to both Minnichi's & Omashu Rock's Writing Contests.
    Also, let's participate at MibuWolf's Contest too!

    "Welcome, welcome! Time has come to select one courageous young fanon writer, for the honor of representing Avatar Wiki in the 1st annual (O.o') edition of the Around the Avatar WorldWriting Contest!"
    — Master Ratava in Around the Avatar World Writing Contests Reaping overture.

    Fellow Fanon Writers, stretch your fingers and start typing, for new adventures to come! This Writing Contest is all about discovering new sites (or new points of view over old ones) in the Avatar World.

    Wanna know how this will work, children? Yes, Captain Ratava!

    So come on over here and clean your ears, I'm go…

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  • Master Ratava

    • The Ba Sing Se Times Edition Interviews
    • Special Events

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  • Master Ratava

    Doubts about coding

    January 28, 2012 by Master Ratava

    I'm trying to make some custom templates xD and I NEED HELP \o/ from anybody o.o

    Which are the differences between the onlyinclude and the includeonly tags???

    Is there any chance that I can make a colour gradient??? Like for the battle/event/war templates, that are between/among more than one nation... (?)

    I'm working hard/only on template customising this week o.o... but I've been stuck one these things...

    Please someone, anyone, ;___; answer here...

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  • Master Ratava

    I've finished the coding of a brand new user group.

    The Avatar Fanon Worldbenders is a user group commited to cataloging all the fanon made spots (landmarks, landscapes, settlements, etc.) across the Avatar Wiki Fanons. It is our belief that all Wikians should prestige each other's locations articles. Our goal is to keep these articles up to date, to show Fanon admirals the diversity of each Writer's imagination range.

    (for continue reading click on the link above)

    Please check it out ^_^v

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  • Master Ratava

    Illustrator Required

    January 18, 2012 by Master Ratava

    I'm new here at Avatar Wikia, and I don't know many users also... So, if you're interested in illustrating my fanon Fanon:Avatar: The First Skybender, please send me a message (using the talk page), so we can talk about, and you can show me some drawings.

    I do need somebody who can draw scenery, maps, landscapes. And if you are good at drawing characters, objects, animals, I need you too. Skills in colouring (manually or photoshop/similars) are not fully necessary.

    Thank you for applying!

    --Master Ratava (talk • contribs) 15:07, January 18, 2012 (UTC)

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