I was really excited about the season finale and to tell the truth it didn't disappoint me nor did it made me to flip a talbe ( hehe) . I mean yeah the action was good we had a climax but the ending , the very last minutes of the season ending were so rushed up and cheesy .

Why ?

Because they used the deux ex machina concept ( Aang showing up and restoring Korra's bending when we all thought there was no hope left) to satisfy all the fan's request so to speak . We all wanted to see Aang all grown up and Korra in the avatar state . So there you have it BOOM both at the same time. Problem Solved. But for me it was just an easy way to end it all and please everyone. Even though my heart went K-BOOM when i saw Aang.

And all the Makorra moments were so cheesy. I mean Mako is still kinda in a relationship with Asami but he confeses his love for Korra and then Korra just refuses him because her bending is gone . What about Asami ? I was really glad that she didn't betray Team Avatar that just goes to show you what kind of a person she really is.

Amon ? Well i really expected something twisted and evil . I wanted him to not be realted in any way to any of the characters but oh well. At first i thought of a connection betwen him and Tarlock because if you paid attention when Korra confronted Tarrlock she said something along the lines of him being the same as Amon to which Tarrlock reacted in a violent manner. Which pointed to the fact that he might have some connection with Amon but i didn't think that they were brothers.

Oh and all the *Yakone had plastic surgery stuff* seemd a little far fetched for the Avatar World. They don't seem that advanced.

I am still wondering how the apparent suicide of Tarrlock along with Amon got past the censors . Sure they kinda showed Jet die but it was , as Sokka put it , very unclear. And general Zhao's death was suggested though one can speculate .

All in all i didn't like the whole happy ending idea . Everything seemed a little bit too perfect. Something has to happen.

I wanted to see more of Bumi but i'm glad we got to see Katara once more.

General Iroh kicked some serious butt .

Oh and one last thing the idea of airplanes bombing ships made me a little sad as i realised that bending is getting more and more efficient as technology progresses.

P.S : Has someone noticed that younger Amon sported a hairstyle similar to Korra's ?

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