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    Before anything else I want to say that  I don't think bending in LOK is bad or not well done or anything like that; just that they've completely left behind the kung fu part . 

    So with that being said let this blog post begin :) 

    In Avatar the Last Airbender bending was really well done and developed. We had a clear difference between the Bending Arts and Your Average Superhero Powers that we encounter in the DC or Marvel universes. Or in other words they've eliminated the ever popular cliche that super powers are gained by accident or by exposure to your friendly radioactive chemical or whatnot. 

    Further on we found that the four bending arts are based on real martial arts , namely : 

    • Tai Chi - focuses on alignment, body structure, breath, a…

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  • MasterAirbender02

    I was really excited about the season finale and to tell the truth it didn't disappoint me nor did it made me to flip a talbe ( hehe) . I mean yeah the action was good we had a climax but the ending , the very last minutes of the season ending were so rushed up and cheesy .

    Why ?

    Because they used the deux ex machina concept ( Aang showing up and restoring Korra's bending when we all thought there was no hope left) to satisfy all the fan's request so to speak . We all wanted to see Aang all grown up and Korra in the avatar state . So there you have it BOOM both at the same time. Problem Solved. But for me it was just an easy way to end it all and please everyone. Even though my heart went K-BOOM when i saw Aang.

    And all the Makorra moments we…

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