Howdie ho everyone,

Exams have me slammed atm but I managed to squeeze out quick preview of my latest chapter. Forgive me if it's a little rough, hope you like it as much as I did writing it:

It was a bitter cold night when the tall dark handsome man walked into my office. Face like sculpted marble and hair like copper. His eyes shone like brilliant diamonds beneath his thick glasses. Without missing a beat he sat at my desk, the heater hissing in the background. I sat back, ahooting a smile at my old friend, "What's a stand up doll like you doing in this pit?"

Jie frowned slightly and without saying a word he placed the says news paper on my desk, cicled in red was a small article. That's what I liked about Jie, other guys just talk and talk and lie. But not him, what you saw was what you get with him. Shame he had his heart chasing another dame, double shame that I liked her aswell.  

The article was a short side-note, reaking of heavy edits and censoring, I'd seen a hundered of these in my time as a private invesitgator and would no doubt see a thousand more before I stopped. You had to read between the lines in these stories, see what wasn't said and move from there:

Last night a Public Police Brigade stopped and arrested a van full of known Triad mobsters. Police successfully aprehended the ring leaders with minimal casualties or collateral. Chief Beifong was unavailable for comment but officer Woo stated "It was a difficult fight, but we are highly trained for these exact scenarios". ...The article continued in this fashion.

It was blaringly obvious, someone had gotten away. Someone big, someone Chief Beifong is personally kicking herself over not getting. This scumbag was either devious, slippery or excessively violent most likely all the above. I looked up at Jie to confirm what I thought.

"You want me to track this guy down?"

Jie shook his head, "No,we already know where he lives".

I squinted suspicously at Jie. I noticed his clothes were cleaner than usual (he hadn't done his day shift so he must have been busy) he smelled of vaguely of lavender, disinfectand and cinnamon (he had spent the day with Jun, at a hospital) his eyes seemed oddly focused sending chills down my spine (meaning he had his mind set on something). I thought hard, letting all my ideas shift through my gut. 

Moments later replied "You want me to do a background check?"

He sighed,his voice deep and resigned, "Somewhat, the guy not mentioned is a sort of friend of Jun and I. He got caught up in some bad stuff and we're trying to help him out. But to be honest we don't know much about him, we're hoping you could find that out."

I raised an eyebrow, "You don't feel uncomfortable with this invasion of your "friends" privacy?" Rhetorical, but I needed to gauge his reaction, Jie didn't normally beat around the bush like this. 

Jie shufled in his seat slightly and looked down at his feet for a moment, "Errr, yes to be honest. But it's important to Jun err to both of us". NOW it all made sense, he was caught between being a good friend and his own jealousy, poor kid. 

"Is that all I asked?" I aksed getting up, already knowing the answer.

Jie's oak eyes darted around my office for a few moments. Then in a quivering, stuttering deep voice he said, ", we also w, wa..want you to hire him".

I sat back down, now this just got interesting

Hope you guys liked what you read, full thing should be out......June 2nd....I hope.

Cya around the webs


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