For anyone who it may concern, tuesday (in UK) I shall write out two one shots for my Anansi fannon . These will be similair to the Anansi and the Sun one, being closer to the original tales of Anansi than the Avatar ones.  On top of that I shall be writing out the third chapter of Green Man so horaaay!! 

For Anansi i've made some interesting characters for Anansi so I plan to write out a few series out for Anansi. These will be the "Tale of Xisi" and "Bao and Gai" which will come out after I finish "The first Lee" which will be a story taking place over many years, and I will write in random one shots that place in that timeline at various times. All while doing the classic Anansi stories on top of that...why I have no idea.

Well this was short and sweet, till the next time

Seeing ya!

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