Im not sure if anyone reads this but what the heck, might as well because shut up. I've been swamped lately with your usual teen dramas (tho in all fairness im closer to 20 these days :P ), as such as im sure you (my fellow youths) gathered i havent had time to write up chapter 3 as for once i'd like to finish it without making a dozen grammatical errors.  Tho as i write this inspiration has struck like a bolt of Azulas'  lightning bolts, so horaay??? I'll write it up sometime Saturday and upload it on the Sunday. So my one fan ( i call him steve and he's a rainicorn) will have to wait a bit.

Also, arrested development is brilliant. Shame I discovered it now when I need to be more focused then ever. Also Korra book 2....yh, when is that happening? Because I serisouly can barely wait, I mean we finally get to see some spirit action and its just beyond our grasp. DAMN YOU FUTURE ME! SEND ME A COPY DAMNIT! (man I hate that guy). If you are still reading this (and Odin knows why) Kudos my friend as you just endured the ramblings of a madman. :)

All the best and whatnot.

you know who I am...

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