Ok so I may have been lurking on this site for a few days commenting and or editing but I havent been "back back" until a few days ago so yh back off! God whats with the third degree imaginary audience! If your wondering where im back from, im back from a month long "holiday" in Cairo. If you wanna know how it went look at the news.

On an infinitely lighter side, Im back and writing stuff. Anansi is back with an awesome bounce in his step and the Green man is ready to tear Republic city a figurative new one! Also im getting some artwork done for Green Man so double horaay mega thanks to Chakrasandwich.

If you (my imaginary audience) wish to know whats coming up in the Anansi world you could look at the to do chapters. But they arent in any real order so good luck there. So to compensate I give you these hints 




Thats all I give you for the next 3 Anansi chapters. As for whats coming with Green Man...lets just say mystery, friendship, betrayal and violence...lots and lots of violence.

til next time audience

Tally HO!!!! 

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