I dont even get how this is supposed to work. I mean, do I write down my thought process as it happens? Why would I do that? Who would bother to read it? Why is that what i'm doing right now? Alas such mysteries are never to be answered

Ramblings of a madman....

I write out the Green Man story, im not sure how good it is. God knows I need an editor though, I am really bad at noticing grammatical errors. You'd think someone from England would be at least semi decent at grammar but no. It's probably because i write so damn much in my chapters that I just give up with the grammar. Sloppy? Yes, and I promise to that one guy who showed a semi interest in my stuff that I'll do better. I made a friend on the site though calls himself/herself/itself IRC nice guy/girl/demon god

On a different note I was hit by a wave of inspiration for a completely different fanon. Problem is I think its basically Neil Gaimans' "Anansi Boys" set in the Avatar universe...which sounds pretty kick ass. I'll probably give it a crack sometime later this year once im happy with Green Mans' progress. If you want to rip off that idea, feel free. It means:

A. You're a Neil Gaiman fan meaning we need to become best buds

B. I'm full of ideas like that all the time

C. I'll still write my story, and I do enjoy competeition.

So that was my first blog. I literally have no idea how this is supposed to work I could look at what the other more sucessful members of the site did but its late and I really need to sleep.

Until next time,

Long Live The League!

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