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  • Masri788

    Howdie ho everyone,

    Exams have me slammed atm but I managed to squeeze out quick preview of my latest chapter. Forgive me if it's a little rough, hope you like it as much as I did writing it:

    It was a bitter cold night when the tall dark handsome man walked into my office. Face like sculpted marble and hair like copper. His eyes shone like brilliant diamonds beneath his thick glasses. Without missing a beat he sat at my desk, the heater hissing in the background. I sat back, ahooting a smile at my old friend, "What's a stand up doll like you doing in this pit?"

    Jie frowned slightly and without saying a word he placed the says news paper on my desk, cicled in red was a small article. That's what I liked about Jie, other guys just talk and talk…

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  • Masri788

    now that im back and updating on a regular basis i cant help but feel a little good. im trying something a little new, my chapter 4 for green man is in two parts. Chapter 4.5 is going to be a very awesome noir story from the POV of  P.I Rina.....well I thought it sounded cool. 

    because you know, it would be weird if i made chapter 4 as long as the other chapters and just changed naration styke half way through the story. The other chapters should be just as long as the normal chapters.

    So yeah, that was just an update for that one guy who follows my work and totally exists.

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  • Masri788

    Guess who is back !!

    August 27, 2013 by Masri788

    Ok so I may have been lurking on this site for a few days commenting and or editing but I havent been "back back" until a few days ago so yh back off! God whats with the third degree imaginary audience! If your wondering where im back from, im back from a month long "holiday" in Cairo. If you wanna know how it went look at the news.

    On an infinitely lighter side, Im back and writing stuff. Anansi is back with an awesome bounce in his step and the Green man is ready to tear Republic city a figurative new one! Also im getting some artwork done for Green Man so double horaay mega thanks to Chakrasandwich.

    If you (my imaginary audience) wish to know whats coming up in the Anansi world you could look at the to do chapters. But they arent in any r…

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  • Masri788

    So I got a reveiw

    June 15, 2013 by Masri788

    I was lucky enough to get a review of my Anansi fannon. Needless to say I was quite disapointed only getting a 5.6 which lets face it, SUCKS! But in all fairness i'm still fairly new to this game  so I don't take it too hard. My reviewer Typhoonmaster raised some good points though. My grammar and sentence structure are sort of lacking most of the time. I really can't help it and it is infuriating how that's holding me back so much. So that's a thing, also my character development....which i'm not sure how to expand given the story style. Not that it's going to stop me from trying mind you. 

    It wasn't all bad mind you, Typhoonmaster said my style and technique were good so it's not all doom and gloom. And in the end aren't they the most imp…

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  • Masri788

    For anyone who it may concern, tuesday (in UK) I shall write out two one shots for my Anansi fannon . These will be similair to the Anansi and the Sun one, being closer to the original tales of Anansi than the Avatar ones.  On top of that I shall be writing out the third chapter of Green Man so horaaay!! 

    For Anansi i've made some interesting characters for Anansi so I plan to write out a few series out for Anansi. These will be the "Tale of Xisi" and "Bao and Gai" which will come out after I finish "The first Lee" which will be a story taking place over many years, and I will write in random one shots that place in that timeline at various times. All while doing the classic Anansi stories on top of that...why I have no idea.

    Well this was s…

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