This is a quick update on my fanon, Avatar - Book 4. Chapter six, Descent, Part 1, ends on a cliffhanger, so go read that if you haven't already. I'm not sure whether the end of this subplot will consist of one or two more chapters, but be assured that I am going to play up the most horrible parts of it as much as possible. Because that's just how I roll, kids.

As for future chapters, not much is set in stone - in fact, I've removed one chapter I don't want and I may be removing another two-parter that I think is useless - but here's what's going to happen, definitely.

  • Di Ren will return, as hinted in chapter five. And with him he's going to bring the biggest problem the Gaang has ever faced. Because of him, I'm going to need a sequel to this. Yes, a sequel. A whole 'nother twenty chapters so I can finish the plotline that this one character started.
  • In addition to Di Ren, my favourite character in the series will make a return somewhere in the middle of the story, and he/she will play a huge part in the finale. More than one main character of the original series WILL die by the end of this whole thing, so watch out for that.

That's all for now, although I'll be dropping some more plot hints in my blog in the future. Thanks for reading!

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