• Marcusthefirebender

    One day a Non-bender 5 year old kid kid named Mulahava ran into a thug that pused him into the allywa. "Dont hurt me I will give you my money!" he exclamed. " Nope I want you for a randsome. Your parents are the richest people in the three Kingdoms." Scared and alone is felt like he wanted to faint and suddenly the thug was wooshed away by an air current. After returning home he went into his room and wondered what happened. Six years later when he was in school a kid threatend to burn him if he did not give over his money.Suddenly he was hit by the kid square in the face and was out cold.

    As he woke up he was in a place he did not reconise. "I am dreaming he tought outloud." In answer a mesterious voice said "nope you are in the spirit wor…

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