A few weeks ago I finally completed the synopses for the final chapters of Avatar: The Heir of Ban, so I'm now far enough along that I can begin to release the story serially. I plan to begin this Saturday and release on a semi-regular schedule from then on.

Some people know of this story already from the articles related to it I've already poster on this wiki. Without getting too much into the history of this story, I actually started it about 4 years ago, but kind of abandoned it when I went to college. Although, I actually worked on it off and on, whenever an idea struck me. After I graduated I started working on it a little more consistently, and I always hoped to start it before Legend of Korra came out. (I'm cutting it kind of close in that regard, but hopefully interest in the series will get people reading my fanfic as well). Either way, I'm excited to finally be releasing it!

Also, when I first started writing it I released the first 3 chapters--the only ones I had completed--on some other websites, including and I know some people have read those, and although I will be releasing those chapters first, all of them have medium-sized revisions to them, so you might find them to be worth reading again. I'm considering this "edition" of the story an unoffical redux versin, or a "director's cut," if you will.

If you're interested, watch for Chapter 1, Part 1 to be posted this Saturday.

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