I started taking a Chinese 101 (Mandarin Chinese) course a few weeks ago, and I thought some people on the wikia might be interested in it, given all the Chinese culture that shows up in Avatar, the Chinese writing on the posters, characters with Chinese names, etc. I know they don't teach Chinese in many schools below the collegiate level, and even then a person wouldn't necessarily have time to take a class (or he/she might just not be sufficiently interested to take it as an academic class where you've got to worry about getting a grade...) So I figured I would do something like what Aang and Katara did in "The Waterbending Master":

"At night, you can teach whatever moves you learned from Master Pakku. That way you have someone to practice with and I get to learn waterbending."

So since I'm taking the class, I pass on what I learn in abbreviated form to people who are interested, or just answer questions.

Keep in mind though, it's only Chinese 101, so it's the very, very most beginner course, and it's a pretty limited scope. (We aren't even learning characters, for example, just hanyu pinyin). But I'd be happy to pass on what I do know, and I did buy 3 textbooks (including one on Chinese characters, which we don't use...) so I can possibly look some stuff up for people as well.

With this post I'm just trying to gage people's interest, so reply if you are.

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