Start Date

Due to the number of contests currently going on this one will not start until at least November 1st, but you are free to sign up before that date, and I will notify you when it is your turn to write along with a link to the previous paragraphs. If people have issue with it starting it that early, I am more then happy to push this bak 'til later, just leave a note in the comments or message me.


Well, everyone's doing it! All right so that's not such a good excuse, butI thought I had a pretty good idea so here it is. I got the idea for this from the White Lotus Sentinel in the Urban Dictionary section where it talked about Community Fanons and how they didn't go anywhere. So, this contest will be a little weird. The first twenty people (I might shorten it or make it open to more or create a second story) that say they will participate in the contest in the comments will automatically be entered in the order they signed up. Then these twenty people starting with a prompt from me will then each write 1-5 paragraphs of a story, and once that person writes their section it will move on to the next person in line, and they will then write their section to the story. This will be judged on how creative, funny, exciting, unique really whatever is just plain awesome! Plus you can use real characters or original characters, but if you use original the next might make them slightly different then you intended for them to be, but that's just part of the fun! I will judge it and announce the winners when everyone has finished their part. The last person is expected to wrap up and finish off the story. Plus, I am open to bribing of any sort about who the winner should be (jk).


Well, I don't have anything amazing to offer anyone, but I will post the completed fanon on the Fanon Portal with you all as editors of it. I would also be happy to read your own fanon and am willing to shamelessly plug it in the appropriate places. Plus you could get this super awesome Userbox!

This user won The Ultimate Fanon Contest.

Because no one has done that before! No but seriously if anyone has any ideas for the prize I'm open to pretty much anything, but I don't have any incredible connections. Also if you're one of the lucky few contestants you can have this!

This user participated in The Ultimate Fanon Contest.


This is just meant to be a fun contest, and not very serious, but if you don't participate and write your part of the story I will write you out and maybe replace you, so if you don't get in right away there is always hope! So have fun and leave any questions about this if it didn't make sense below. If you prefer to be a certain number in the order just request it and I might give it to you, unless it's taken.


  1. kuzonkid7
  2. Afc
  3. Godsrule
  4. AvatarRokusGhost
  5. The Walking Inferno
  6. Kyoshidude
  7. AcerEvan

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