This will be really short because this is my first blog post, but here it goes.

Everyone complaining about shipping. Get over it! Seriously LoK is such an amazing series that blows almost every other series out of the water due to its story arc, character development, design, and soundtrack, but seriously you are not in charge of the series. If you get an idea you really want to see how it works out then make a fannon. Don't be bashing the creators for their work when they are doing their job and bringing millions entertainment. So seriously if you don't like the amount of time or the way that they end up then do it on your own. That is the way it is and unless you are actually reviewing it or even just saying it. But the extensive complaints and criticisms need to stop.
This goes as well for the series finale. We get it you wanted a cliff hanger! For what reason though? Are you not still on the edge of your seat waiting for the next season? Are you not dying to see Korra be awesome in the Avatar state? Seriously, all those who say I don't see what they could possibly do with the new season. Well, aren't you still just dying to know what they do with this new season?

I love all of you you guys promote great and thoughtful discussion just some things irk me and I wanted to vent/rant! Thanks for listening!

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