Now I do not mean to offend anyone as the admins and beauracrats have all openly said this. They all say that avatar wiki is not meant for personal communication. And yes they have a point it bogs down the logs and makes things harder to keep track of, but what about all the people that want to communicate about Avatar and share their ideas without them all having to be official blog posts. Well, I have an idea for another wiki that would be in association with this one, where people would be able to communicate put up blog posts about random thoughts related to avatar yet not somewhat tangant or anything else. Where, if it was ever wanted to start making that the place to go for fan fiction and fan art and other things in that same vein. Well, I have started a wiki very very recently for that purpose and in no way is this supposed to get people to switch from here, but to go to both for different reasons. Anyways, if you want to the link to this wiki or any more information about this please write on my message wall, and I'll get back to you. Thank you all very much.

I am looking for admins and other rollback users just to help me because right now the site looks absolutely terrible because I am really not the best at all of this, and that is why i want to get it into the hands of people way more capable then me, but just needed a little push to get there. So feel free to message me and I'll give you the link

(I just don't want to put the link out on this page just because it might seem like in bad taste. And you will also find it under the list of my favorite wikis.)

Thank you all agian.

Makotheactornotthecharacter (wallcontribs) 03:09, August 29, 2012 (UTC)

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