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July 21, 2012
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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    Hey everyone, just a reminder, that my fanon contest is starting this Thursday! So, leave a comment here and sign up for the contest! It has been a few weeks since I announced it so just sending out a friendly reminder to anyone out there that was waiting until later to sign up. There is still lots of space open and anyone is welcome to join. You can read all about the Ultimate Fanon contest in the same place as you sign up. I'm excited to see what you all will come up with. Hope to see you all there.

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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    Due to the number of contests currently going on this one will not start until at least November 1st, but you are free to sign up before that date, and I will notify you when it is your turn to write along with a link to the previous paragraphs. If people have issue with it starting it that early, I am more then happy to push this bak 'til later, just leave a note in the comments or message me.

    Well, everyone's doing it! All right so that's not such a good excuse, butI thought I had a pretty good idea so here it is. I got the idea for this from the White Lotus Sentinel in the Urban Dictionary section where it talked about Community Fanons and how they didn't go anywhere. So, this contest will be a little weird. The first twenty people …

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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    Now I do not mean to offend anyone as the admins and beauracrats have all openly said this. They all say that avatar wiki is not meant for personal communication. And yes they have a point it bogs down the logs and makes things harder to keep track of, but what about all the people that want to communicate about Avatar and share their ideas without them all having to be official blog posts. Well, I have an idea for another wiki that would be in association with this one, where people would be able to communicate put up blog posts about random thoughts related to avatar yet not somewhat tangant or anything else. Where, if it was ever wanted to start making that the place to go for fan fiction and fan art and other things in that same vei…

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  • Makotheactornotthecharacter

    This will be really short because this is my first blog post, but here it goes.

    Everyone complaining about shipping. Get over it! Seriously LoK is such an amazing series that blows almost every other series out of the water due to its story arc, character development, design, and soundtrack, but seriously you are not in charge of the series. If you get an idea you really want to see how it works out then make a fannon. Don't be bashing the creators for their work when they are doing their job and bringing millions entertainment. So seriously if you don't like the amount of time or the way that they end up then do it on your own. That is the way it is and unless you are actually reviewing it or even just saying it. But the extensive com…
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