The Last Stand
So a couple of days ago Nickelodeon came out with a action game called The Legend of Korra The Last Stand. The first level you have to chase Amon up a building and when he stops and you catch up to him you press the Spacebar to fight him with your bending abilities.The second level you are chasing Amon in a hallway you have to duck under the hanging Equalists and jump over the standing Equalists you have three lives so don't lose them all.The third level is the same as the first. The fourth level is the same as the second level. The fith level you have to basically finish Amon off. So you defeat Amon and you win! I thought the game was very good and easy to get the hang of.
Promo of Korra bending


Ominous Amon

Korra VS. Amon

In the game you are supposed defeat Amon.But if you lose sadly you have to start over :( .

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