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So ive been looking at theories about who Amon is there is a lot of them that say Aang is amon but that is impossible because Aang is dead. I don't really give my opinion on those theories but that one bothers me because real Avatar fans should know that for a new Avatar to exist the old one has to die. So on the nick website there is a letter from Hiroshi Sato asking non benders to join him at a equalist rally this Saturday. Also there is a slide show/flip book thing that show pictures of certain people in LOK that fans think that are Amon. The people that fans think Amon is are Tarrlok, Hiroshi Sato, Chief Lin Beifong, Triple Threat Triad Thug 2, A random civilian, Pema, Yakone, Fire Lord Ozai, Pabu, and Aang. Tell me what you think!


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