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June 17, 2012
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  • Makorra19

    The Last Stand

    June 22, 2012 by Makorra19

    So a couple of days ago Nickelodeon came out with a action game called The Legend of Korra The Last Stand. The first level you have to chase Amon up a building and when he stops and you catch up to him you press the Spacebar to fight him with your bending abilities.The second level you are chasing Amon in a hallway you have to duck under the hanging Equalists and jump over the standing Equalists you have three lives so don't lose them all.The third level is the same as the first. The fourth level is the same as the second level. The fith level you have to basically finish Amon off. So you defeat Amon and you win! I thought the game was very good and easy to get the hang of.
    Korra VS. Amon

    In the game you are supposed defeat Amon.But if you l…

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  • Makorra19


    June 22, 2012 by Makorra19

    So ive been looking at theories about who Amon is there is a lot of them that say Aang is amon but that is impossible because Aang is dead. I don't really give my opinion on those theories but that one bothers me because real Avatar fans should know that for a new Avatar to exist the old one has to die. So on the nick website there is a letter from Hiroshi Sato asking non benders to join him at a equalist rally this Saturday. Also there is a slide show/flip book thing that show pictures of certain people in LOK that fans think that are Amon. The people that fans think Amon is are Tarrlok, Hiroshi Sato, Chief Lin Beifong, Triple Threat Triad Thug 2, A random civilian, Pema, Yakone, Fire Lord Ozai, Pabu, and Aang. Tell me what you think!


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  • Makorra19

    Season Finale!

    June 20, 2012 by Makorra19

    So the season finale of Legend of Korra is here. The season just went by so fast! I enjoyed every episode of LOK. I wonder what the season finale will be like? I've seen the commercials and it looks really interesting. I'm so excited!!

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  • Makorra19

    Mrs. Sato

    June 18, 2012 by Makorra19

    Ever since I saw the Sato's family picture i wondered, What is Mrs.Sato's name?? Did the LOK creators give her a name?? What should her name be?? What's her story??? This is what I've wondered about Mrs. Sato.

    The Sato family >

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  • Makorra19

    What's with the haters thats are hating on every single thing! Yeah sometimes i'm like yeah he's evil he's evil! But then I'm like to myself Hey you stop being a hater. sometimes people just need to calm down. Like I just a comment on corra's wiki and it said "Why did they bring back Zuko's crappy voice??" so i responded back "Lets hear your Zuko voice acting then we'll se who's the hater."

    Thy were talking about the new Iroh.

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