I am not a Makorrian. I am not a spastic Mako fangirl (SHHH I couldn't think of another username at the moment OKAY?). Mako is not my favorite character. Mako is not perfect. He's screwed up a little bit. Maybe alotabit. But that doesn't mean I go around spreading HATE! I mean SERIOUSLY! Look at his character page, nothing but hate. I really don't see how his decisions affect your lives. So maybe he's made a few wrong decisions, but let us not forget everything he did right. I personally don't think I could raise and protect my little brother at the age of eight (come on, you know you wouldn't be able to either).

I'm not saying I love Mako. I'm not even saying I like Mako. But


Now there has to be at least ONE PERSON out there who doesn't completely hate Mako. Come on don't be shy, you climb out from behind that shrub.

Now if you don't hate him with a fiery passion that burns your soul, comment or tell me in some way that you feel the same way and wanna be on the list!


  1. Makomako15
  2. SifuHotman90
  3. Thebigofan
  4. AvatarRokusGhost
  5. EccentricChild
  6. Azula369
  7. Iceland77
  8. Wangfire94
  9. Sokka's Sword
  10. Dagostino
  11. Dancepowderer
  12. Loafdude
  13. Appa4ever
  14. SoulSpiritBender
  15. Milkncookies11
  16. Henryjh98
  17. Bubbles7689
  18. WaterbenderTaikai
  19. RandoMaster07
  20. Goldencupcakes200
  21. Azulasbff
  22. ScholarOfTheDesert
  23. Typhoonmaster
  24. TheLoKnessmonster
  25. SparksFromHades
  26. AssassinHood
  27. FireAquaK.L.S.S
  28. Acer Indonesia
  29. RaggaR
  30. AvatarCorin34
  31. TophisnotaBeifong
  32. Uiop60
  33. MateyY
  34. Boomeraang Squad
  35. French Froglegs
  36. The True Painted Lady
  37. Mako's scarf
  38. Ninabean882
  39. Raghavabangalore (did I spell it right?)
  40. Amonymous Korrntributor
  41. Green Gem
  42. Neo Bahamut
  43. Toushirou Strife
  44. Mysteria Femina
  45. Ordered Coma
  46. Gargaspry
  47. Nony
  48. JTSoccer0441
  49. Original Heir
  50. Thewaterearth
  51. ZukoMcCheesyFries
  52. Pinklady (Nony
  53. 123yael
  54. AvatarAppa
  55. Peopleonline
  56. Ragnell weilder
  57. MagicalChez
  58. SweetnessTLOKATLA
  59. Korratastic45
  60. Vizza
  61. AvatarKorraWaterbender
  62. Pan25
  63. Kayla651
  64. Hasdi
  65. Mowr620


And yes, I do realize the shitstorm I have just created.

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