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  • I am a landshark
  • Makomako15

    I am not a Makorrian. I am not a spastic Mako fangirl (SHHH I couldn't think of another username at the moment OKAY?). Mako is not my favorite character. Mako is not perfect. He's screwed up a little bit. Maybe alotabit. But that doesn't mean I go around spreading HATE! I mean SERIOUSLY! Look at his character page, nothing but hate. I really don't see how his decisions affect your lives. So maybe he's made a few wrong decisions, but let us not forget everything he did right. I personally don't think I could raise and protect my little brother at the age of eight (come on, you know you wouldn't be able to either).

    I'm not saying I love Mako. I'm not even saying I like Mako. But


    Now there has to be at least ONE PERSON out thereā€¦

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  • Makomako15


    July 8, 2012 by Makomako15

    Alright so I've seen a few crazy bending ideas like bonebending. But what about mindbending? I know it's kinda creepy, but it would be REALLY powerful. Still not sure what element that would fall under, but it's a cool idea. There's water in your brain, right? So I guess it could be possible. Hey if there can be drugged liquidy stuff in a cactus, there can be mindbenders. I MINDBEND YOU TO READ THIS SENTENCE. Muahahahaha!

    Well tell me your thoughts :)

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  • Makomako15

    Alright so we discovered that Amon can take peoples' bending, and we discovered that he uses bloodbending to do that. However, there are two things we didn't discover. The first thing is how does he use bloodbending to take bending away? The second is something that people don't think about too much - well maybe you do I wouldn't really know, but anyway - why did Amon want to take peoples' bending away? Many secrets about him were revealed about his past and his goals in life, but not that. Did he just want to become some supreme bending overlord? Are there any other options?


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  • Makomako15

    My Drawings

    July 7, 2012 by Makomako15

    Hello avatards!

    I have created this fantabulousish blog post because I finally found a way to post the pictures I drew! (thanks to Mako's Scarf) They're all from either ATLA or LoK. Now be warned, I'm not amazing *like Mako's Scarf cough cough*, but hopefully I'm better than - oh say, Meelo on cactus juice. Anyway, you can check them out on my profile page, enjoy!

    Hope you like them :)

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  • Makomako15

    Who is Amon?

    May 15, 2012 by Makomako15

    Hey guys! Just wanted to get some of your opinions on the whole Amon spiel. So do you think he:

    a. Is or is related to someone from A:TLA

    b. Is or is related to someone from LoK

    c. Is a completely new character with no relation to anyone else

    My yuans are on c, but I dont have any yuans, so ya know.

    Tell me ur thoughts! :)

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