So I have a really tight schedule but i just cant resist the wiki. I'll take out half an hour just to see my notifications or post some comments, or simple to check what other people are posting.and what do I see? bam! bam! bam! Hate ! Hate ! HATE EVERYWHERE!
If you hate lok so much, why do you watch it? why do you feel the need to express rude opinions on every matter?
Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks.
Every single thing you can post towards something, in the way of hate, can pretty much have a valid explanation, right. Think mako’s a prick? he’s a teenager who struggles with liking two completely different people at once. think he was a bad brother? he raised bolin since he was 8. He made bad choices? so what? he did his damn best to protect him and make sure he kept out of trouble. think bolin is a stupid character just to provide comic relief? There are people like that in the world. he is naive, overdramatic and knows how to crack a joke. Seriously, nobody wants a kids television show to be too serious anyway.
and guess what? if you're not too bright, that was sarcasm.
you know what? i think everyone needs to get their head straight. ITS A CHILDRENS TELEVISION SHOW CREATED TO AMUSE KIDS.Grow a ball and put all the hateful effort into something that actually matters, like child abuse, or animal cruelty.
There are a whole lot of episodes coming, and though it seems like mako's not so special, Mako will invent plasma bending, where he shoots pure plasma beams and sunbending, where he drops sunblasts or something on the planet like it's the f**king spirit bomb.(a girl can dream cant she)
It was about time I pitched in on the whole Mako-hate-brigade, eh?
Well, scarfie talked about this with mako, and and this is what he had to say.
yeah thats right people, mako's allergic to b***s***.

tell them haters i say put my name on the wall,
i speak the truth,
but i guess that's a foreign language to ya'll
& i call it like i see it,
& my glasses on.
but most of ya'll don't get the picture unless the flash is on
satisfied with nothing, 'you don't know the half of it
haters shake my hand,
but i keep the sanitizer on deck
haters hate me & rate me smiply cause
they aint me
you can hate me, but why knock my hustle;
imma be a queen no matter how they shuffle skirts with the ruffle
so wikians, you've got to be strong,
because hard times do not discriminate
they only intimidate, bully & eliminate
people with no faith <3
i'm not mean, i'm honest.
if you think i don't like you haters, 'chances are i don't;
when i laugh, i'm probably laughing at you.
& when you talk about me, all i say is talk a little louder. HATER
i'm a kid at heart, a girl with an attitude;
a human with a mind, & a lady with class
F**K YEAH HATERS! S*** just got real.

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