Mako's scarf

aka Olivia

  • I live in Mako's Wardrobe
  • I was born on June 1
  • My occupation is Fanon Writer, Internet Troll Combat and Warming awesome necks!
  • I am Legend...wait for it...DARY!
  • Mako's scarf

    So the wiki is facing very, very hard times. Not a day passes without an innocent wikian brutally beaten to death by what you call haters and trolls aka internet tough guys.Many of us have been forced to dump character pages in the hope that things might get better soon. In the hope to find love. In the hope to find humanity once again.

    Are you depressed? Are you tired of having your fangirly or thoughtful comments opposed by absurd and rude statements? Are you at the verge of jumping of a cliff? Well, no need to worry anymore, because you have a hideout provided by none other than your trusty scarf. If you are facing any of these problems, then I give you a chance to book a seat in MAKO'S WARDROBE!

    Yep! You heard right! The most fabulous pl…

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  • Mako's scarf
    So I have a really tight schedule but i just cant resist the wiki. I'll take out half an hour just to see my notifications or post some comments, or simple to check what other people are posting.and what do I see? bam! bam! bam! Hate ! Hate ! HATE EVERYWHERE!
    If you hate lok so much, why do you watch it? why do you feel the need to express rude opinions on every matter?
    Opinions are like a**holes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks.
    Every single thing you can post towards something, in the way of hate, can pretty much have a valid explanation, right. Think mako’s a prick? he’s a teenager who struggles with liking two completely different people at once. think he was a bad brother? he raised bolin since he was 8. H…
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  • Mako's scarf

    From the young adult author of The Four Freaking Truths, a parody of Book One of Legend of Korra will be released digitally on some time late in the summer!

    Christian Hartselle has publicly posted the first chapter of The LEGIT Legend of Lorra on Google Docs before its release.

    Additionally, Hartselle revealed on the doc that it will be available free early when it’s published, and then the price will rise to a measly ninety-nine cents. It is a departure from the tone of five freshmen as a corporation takes control of their high school in 4FT, but nevertheless this was obviously written by an avid fan of Legend of Korra.

    Check it out to see if it’s your sort of humor, as certain parodies often offend many.

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  • Mako's scarf
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