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My opinion on The Revelation, Episode 3

Episode 3, the Revelation was just...amazing, from start to finish.

There is no favorite part for me because there are just so many perfect scenes!

If I had to narrow it down, one of the best scenes was when Korra and Mako are underneath the tree, asleep against Naga and they wake up, surprised.

This episode had so much action, especially with the Equalists. Seeing how they fought finally was memerzing. Amon and his story was so sad. I finally understand why he has such an anger towards benders but it seems kind of rehersed, that he planned to tell them that just to get simpathy.

The Revelation of Amon was just amazing how he energybended. I believe he is going to teach others how to energybend, which was why Tenzin said 'No one is safe.'

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