Hello, Avatar Wiki! I'm MakeShift. Gosh, these blogs are really hard, aren't they? Some of you may know me from the IRC channel as "Will-k".

On to the important part of this post, I've been talking with Annawantimes about an extremely popular game these days: Minecraft. If you somehow don't yet know what Minecraft is, I think Wikipedia might be able to help you there. Anyway, we were discussing the possibility of creating the Avatar world in Minecraft. If I do say so myself, the idea is ingenious. In the past people have created wonders such as Hogwarts Castle, so why not Avatar?! Perhaps because of the two different perspectives of it (Aang's time and Korra's) the world could be built twice, but matching each time period.

Now, the only problem with this is that neither Annawantimes or I are able to host a server, so another person would need to. Of course, only if they put their hand up and actually said "Me! Pick me!"

So what do you think? Should a server be made for the sole purpose of creating the Avatar world? If so, should it be an official Avatar Wiki server? (the latter seems like a no-brainer, personally) Please, discuss it in the comments below.

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