Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo! MaikoLover96's first blog! Well I had several attempts but managed to lose them...-_-

I'm sure you don't want to hear me yap, so let's begin!

I'm all for some good crack ships. Of course Mai and Zuko only go with each other, thank you. X) But I think crack pairings are entertaining. So I'll give you a few of mine, and tell you why they appeal to me. Keep in mind, I know most of these could never realistically happen, so...don't bite my head off, kay?

Okay a personal fave of mine...Teo/Ty Lee. I don't have a ship name for it. Te Lee? I don't know how in the flying fuzzy socks you would pronouce that. I love this one so much, because once the war's over, some former enemies become friends, so why not? Teo is cute as a button and Ty Lee is really pretty. They look good together and there's no disgusting age difference. It's really only crack becasue the two haven't interacted. After the war, this one actually might have a slight chance.

When the mood strikes me...June/Iroh! XD I know this one is cracky, but it's fun to tease. No one's in love, but it's obvious Iroh thinks she's attractive. However, June did call him creepy, so sorry Iroh. I don't see this working out. The age difference and I don't think Zuko would approve. X) Let's not give Zuko dearest nightmares...

Okay how about Bumi/Herbalist? Both aren't exactly secure in the head, if you know what I mean. Even though Bumi is 32 years older than her, when you hit those ages, who's counting? I actually just got this off the top of my head. Pretty good, huh?

Well kids that's all for me. Now comes the chaos! Tell me what you thought of my ships, tell me yours, and if you want, start a crack pairing shipping war! I don't care, amuse me.

LET THE CRAZINESS BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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