Years back, when I was just an eagre 14 year old, a little enamoured with the world and the characters conceived within the universe Avater takes place in, I searched in hunger for some form of leaked footage or script in regards to a second season of Korra.It was by these means that I discovered the wikia. I had stumbled upon some, and to be frank, attrocious fan fic, but I had no idea that fan fic was a thing or if it was legal. But it opened up a world of creativity. I discovered an entire community, and began following writers, actually keeping up with weekly subscriptions by Minnichi and the likes. A favourite was of course Frupit, her Romance one shots were something altogether.

I even began writing.

But, as some obscure memory dictates, writers supposedly hate other writers, especially good writers, which is made worse by the fact that I was not a very good one. At least, not at the age of 14. Let's fast track 5 years, fucking hell, it's been 5 years sinces then, and my history with this sight consisted of 3 terrible and incomplete fan fictions, one decent one shot under a name which no longer works, and 2 blogs made for the purpose of those achievements. I even opened avenues of dialogue with the better known writers.

It's been 5 years, the show has ended, and now I'm writing a book, like many people, pondering on what makes good literature, attempting to determine if work is intrinsically good or dependent on some form of faith or randomly produced form of genius. You see these banal teen fictions re-appropriating or re-creating the same plots we have seen since...twilight I guess, books lasting up 1000 pages and the promulgation of trilogies which are actually quartets or youtubers deciding one day that writing was easy. And it was in editing version 11 of a book I'm no where nearer to completing after 2 years, that I decided to pop by again.

I couldn't percieve anything...

I remember when I had first joined, there were so many people writing, editing, making blogs, so many administrators. Dialogue was everywhere. It felt alive, but now it's almost dead. Or maybe I'm wrong, or blind, but in recent blog news, shit, the last one was apparently in 2014. There's currently 3 people in the chat, and when I logged on today, I had one notification. Minnichi who had created characters I had grown to love had released another chapter, and it was five months ago. 

You know, my last blog was of a similar vein. 

You are invited to convince me otherwise if you care, I don't particularly, I just felt that this was once a part of my life, and it deserved a proper peace out. I think it was glorious while it lasted, and now we have essentially witnessed the end of an era. It's a shame, I used to have fun on this site, and I was hoping I might have gotten to conclude SHiE, but we all have to move on I guess. We're busy people.