Huh...Honestly, today is the first day the wiki had emerged from within the incoherent tempest and state of panic that is my mind. Among the many stressors of daily life, education and family drama this place paled in comparison. And I have not actually touched or even thought about the site in 3 months. I stopped reading, writing and exploring...But something just...kind of lead me back to Avatar. And as things unravel the way the do I began thinking about what the site meant to me, and what lead to the discovery of this wiki, and actually the discovery of fan fiction and the internet culture that has taken hold.

I had just finished season 1 of Korra, and I was fascinated with the changes the company had made, and how perfectly they reflected real time events and adapted the progression of culture the way they did. I was hungry for more. So, I began surfing the web, looking for the script or the "books" that inspired the work (I had no knowledge of the comic's existence). I found something funny however, originally I was convinced it the real deal. It was a short chapter that featured Korra, an igloo and some furs. I was convinced I had done it, I found some illegal copy of the author's work. But then, I was disappointed. The characters were too hollow, immature and vague. The sentences were short and not in the effective way. It was forced romance that many in the comments section seemed to appreciate. And they caused and solved trivial problems in seconds. At the age of 14 and I'm sure everyone can relate, I was moody, stupid, and though I knew everything about everything about anything, implying my superior ability to write a full text, expecting magnificent results of the first draft. I'm getting ahead of myself, I still did not know what fanfic was. I was seething, I thought this "fool" had illegally passed of their mediocre work for the actual text...I know...

This was what introduced me to the limitless domains of fan fiction. I, and I offer my apologies to whom ever this is regarding, spouted ridiculous, childish abuse. And then set out to create a master piece. Of course I failed, but I was so proud of these chapters, and by chapter 10 was ready to push for a review, BOY AM I GLAD I DIDN'T! I was forcing words out, and it had taken a whole year to get to chapter 9. So many characters, ideas, themes, places all forced into these chapters, supported by the mainframe that was my writing. But by the time I was 15, I noticed a significant difference in how I wrote- At this point I was reading tough, "life changing" literature, had become a female rights activist and was sure communism was the way to go! I went over my earlier chapters, it was disgusting.

So ashamed of what I had written, I stopped occupying the site. It wasn't just my story, it was my conduct throughout the site, practically harassing the editors, making comments that you return to a year later and contemplate killing your self over(not literally). This didn't stop, it continued when I was 15, but I wont get to that yet.

I discovered the best thing about this site while I explored however, this thing quickly had me hooked. It was the other writers, the really good ones, Silent Hero in Emerald was the first good fan fiction piece I read, and I was addicted to it. In a single sitting I had read all 9 chapters, and came back as often as possible to see if Minnichi had found the time to update. Now she is extraordinarily dedicated and busy, so that became a lengthy process. I stopped visiting. But then I found another author, Frupit. Now she is just weird. I never really understood her, but her one shots were bloody brilliant. After reading them, I found my self falling in love with Toph little by little, hunting out the works she had created previously. I was particularly excited by a series in which she claimed to be writing 30 one shots for each day of summer...there were only about twelve so I blitzed through them, and when I had pretty much rinsed everything I found my self at another dilemma. I had finished her one shots, who do I read now?

So I was 16 when I returned again. Sure that by now, my writing had matured. But first I would click the random story button, try to find a mysterious gem, you know what I mean? There was one, inspired by princess mononoke I am sure, but then the scenes became too similar, the monsters also too reflective of Ghibli. I stopped reading, there was another, about a shipping between korra and that skinny black haired kids who loses his bending, I can't really stand shippings. But then I discovered a little story about an aristocrat, at a posh event, dancing with a stranger whose hair reminded him of his mother, causing him to experience nausea and nostalgia. I eagerly hunted the next chapter. There was none. He had only written one chapter, and then he left.

Who remembers Arriante? He or she had only produced 4 episodes, he or she was the talk of the town. The writer we all had to read, I was jealous of the intricacies of his plot, the detailed political arena that had been spawned by the existence of Aman. I can't even find it anymore, has it been finished? From what I saw, it just...stopped. That was when I noticed the huge number of fanon that was just left unfinished, editors and big users who were leaving the site, leaving those messages. Who was the most recent, Typhoon master? I had always regarded him as a staple personality...Makes me wonder how long the site is going to last. There's less activity, less comments, less discussion. I will continue to try to write, the most recent story again was no good, and I plan on leaving it unfinished, just like most others are...I guess I am really not helping with this, huh? As long as there are people like Minichi, Avatar Roku's Ghost, and Frupit, then I hope this place lasts...and Lady Lostris, PSUAvatar14...

Its been 3 years now, I have enjoyed being part of the community, thank you editors for your dedication, and keep up the good work...Now, I will lay dormant for another year, waiting for the next SHiE chapter to be released...or Frupit's next one shot...I'm feeling a good one shot right about now...eating some rich Belgian chocolates....

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