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  • I live in Hackney
  • My occupation is student
  • I am male
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    Years back, when I was just an eagre 14 year old, a little enamoured with the world and the characters conceived within the universe Avater takes place in, I searched in hunger for some form of leaked footage or script in regards to a second season of Korra.It was by these means that I discovered the wikia. I had stumbled upon some, and to be frank, attrocious fan fic, but I had no idea that fan fic was a thing or if it was legal. But it opened up a world of creativity. I discovered an entire community, and began following writers, actually keeping up with weekly subscriptions by Minnichi and the likes. A favourite was of course Frupit, her Romance one shots were something altogether.

    I even began writing.

    But, as some obscure memory dictate…

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  • Mahmud.hassan.73932

    Huh...Honestly, today is the first day the wiki had emerged from within the incoherent tempest and state of panic that is my mind. Among the many stressors of daily life, education and family drama this place paled in comparison. And I have not actually touched or even thought about the site in 3 months. I stopped reading, writing and exploring...But something just...kind of lead me back to Avatar. And as things unravel the way the do I began thinking about what the site meant to me, and what lead to the discovery of this wiki, and actually the discovery of fan fiction and the internet culture that has taken hold.

    I had just finished season 1 of Korra, and I was fascinated with the changes the company had made, and how perfectly they reflec…

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